He Ain’t Gay No More

Holy cow, he’s been delivered…


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11 Dogs and A Cat at the Beach


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Putin Puts NASA in a Spin

NASA says to pray if a large asteroid heads to earth  Forget Ukraine, seems Putin wants the universe. Nervous observers fear a new Russian satellite, which is behaving strangely, might be designed to attack or jam other satellites. Named Kosmos 2499 by the Russians, the satellite is sending out strange signals and is shifting orbits in a very precise series of moves. The US have now placed it on their suspicious objects list, which means absolutely nothing.


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Dyslexia Font

Take a bow Christian Boer. The Dutch  graphic designer has created a new font for people with Dyslexia called Dyslexie. The letter shapes vary more than normal, making it harder for the reader to get confused. Christian, who also has Dyslexia, developed the concept as part of his thesis project during his Uni days and  is now offering the new font for free.


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Benjy The Gay Bull Saved From Becoming a Handbag


He was gay?

Holy feather duster Tinkerbell, Benjy, the gay bull from Ireland has been saved from the slaughterhouse by gay and animal rights campaigners. Poor Benjy, who was having his way with other bulls, was sent to the chopping block because he was basically useless with the female folk. Anywho, word got out about Benjy’s plight and thanks to a crowd funding campaign Benjy is now tripping the light fantastic at an animal sanctuary.


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Paddington Bare

Whoa, the new Paddington Bear movie has been whacked with a PG rating meaning it is unsuitable for young children. Oh and the film censors have  advised it also contains sex and violence. It’s a kiddie movie for goodness sakes. Oh, but on a brighter note the British Board of Film Classification have decided to change their initial “mild sex references” to “innuendo”. Evidently a scene in the movie, where the character of Mr Brown disguises himself as a cleaning woman and flirts with a security guard,  raised a few eyebrows. I don’t know what adaptation of Paddington the film company have used but the BBFC have given the PG rating because of dangerous behaviour, mild threat, mild sex references, and mild bad language. Hmm, maybe Paddington has been hanging around Ted?


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Anonymous Vs Ku Klux Klan

Couple with exact same names divorceOh dear, point to Anonymous. The fight between the Ku Klux Klan and the internet hacker group Anonymous has just got brutal, as racial tensions mount in the suburb of Ferguson where an unarmed black teen was murdered by a policeman in August. The KKK had announced they would use ‘lethal force” during protests in Missouri as the town waits for the grand jury to make a decison about whether the white policeman Darren Wilson should be charged over the shooting and death of 18 year old Michael Brown. When Anonymous got wind of the KKKs involvement they unleashed by seizing two of their Twitter accounts. The silly KKK responded by declaring war against Anonymous who slapped them back by releasing the names and social security numbers of KKK members. Oooh this is more exciting than the Dark Knight Trilogy. KaPow.


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