Stupidity Is The New Black

mowerGeez Tennessee why so precious? A woman has been jailed for failing to mow her lawn. Yep, you heard me, for not mowing the lawn. The poor woman received a Lenoir City citation as her the lawn wasn’t being maintained to their standards, which she must have ignored,  because the judge sentenced her to 5 days in jail. After she appealed it was reduced to 6 hours. The mother of two, who has a full time job , could face more jail time if the lawn isn’t satisfactory by November.

Psst Seriously, the council should have just hired a lawn mowing person to cut the damn lawn and then send her the bill.

Want sauce with that?

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Compliments of Susi Spice

Check out what Susi Spice just bought for Christmas. Cheers.

Warning – video is weird and definitely not for the prudish.

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Elizabeth Pena RIP

Many of you may not know Elizabeth Pena by name, but she had graced our screens (both TV and Movies)  for 40 years. She was one of my fav actresses. She  starred in  “Down and Out in Beverly Hills,” “La Bamba,” “Lone Star,” “Rush Hour” and “The Incredibles,”.  I remember her starring in the TV sitcom “I married Dora” (alongside 13 year old Juliette Lewis ) where in the last scene of the series the actors jump out of character to announce the show had been cancelled.

Elizabeth was 55 and left behind her husband and two children  :(

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Religious Scare Tactics?

Might have to go to plan B

hot as





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Julia Gillard Gets Slammed

Ex Aussie Prime Minister gets the RKO in a viral video


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Don’t Annoy The Nurse

An Italian nurse has been bumping off patients she found annoying. Oh and she had also been killing patients whose relis were annoying too. The nasty nurse was caught after potassium was found in one of her victims. After further investigation they discovered 38 patients under her care had died . One of her work mates said the nurse was basically a cold hearted bitch recalling how she had once given a patient a powerful laxative at the end of one of her shifts to give the other nurses an enormous mess to clean up .


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There Is Money To Be Made From Ebola

Out of my way, he's been shot by a MoonPie

You are a freelance cameraman who contracts Ebola while filming in Sierra Leone, you are flown to the Nebraska Medical Center where you receive around the clock care. That will be $500,000 thank you very much. Priceless. Hmm, I’m guessing the private jet and the 40 person medical team adds up. Oh and if you are muttering “he should have had travel insurance” … he did, it just didn’t cover “catastrophic events or outbreaks,” Ebola is a bitch.


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