Worst Nightmare Alert


One of the actual dolls!!!!

OMG, someone in Orange County has been leaving creepy  porcelain dolls on the doorsteps of eight different homes . The sinister part is the dolls all look similar to the 10 year old girls who live at the houses!!! The girls all attend the same school so odds are, it is either a prank or some sicko, Craigslisty, stalker person with a flair for dollmaking scaring the beejeezus out of them. Either way it is uber creepy and should be stopped.

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Selfie Gets Photobombed By the Queen

Nosey Queen Elizabeth inadvertently photobombed two Aussie hockey players during the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.


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Well That Takes The Cake

My bad?

My bad?

OMG, a four year old has been banned from a doughnut shop in Connecticut because …wait for it… he asked a random woman if she had a “baby in her belly?” Awks. Seems she was just fat. The mother of the precious little snowflake said the next time they went to the shop the manager told her her child was not welcome because he was “rude”. Oh for crying out loud, when I was a little loon I asked a man at a restuarant why didn’t he have any hair!


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Orange is The New Stupid

dunceSome dude told cops that the reason he attempted to rob a bank was to avoid going to jail. Seems he couldn’t afford to pay the court fees from his previous offences, which, yes Loons, were for prior robberies. Lord have mercy.

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Beetles Kill George Harrison Tree

A memorial tree planted in LA in memory of Beatles member George Harrison has died thanks to an infestation of beetles.


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Not Again!

Oh dear, seems Malaysian Airlines have just flown over another war zone, this time Syria!! This according to Flightradar app…..



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I always ask this question. Awks. In my defence, I ask it to everyone. Oh come on , when I lived overseas this was usually the first question everyone asked me…. fairs, fair.


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