Judge Lets Rich Kid Off After He Killed 4 People

wise monkeysJust a few words to the judge in Texas who spared a teenage kid jail time after he killed 4 innocent people while drink driving because ” his rich parents never taught him about consequences” ….neither have you lady!!!! What have you taught him by letting him off? RIP youth pastor Brian Jennings; mother and daughter Hollie and Shelby Boyles; and 24-year-old Breanna Mitchell . The 16 year old and a group of mates had STOLEN alcohol, downed it (with valium) and then all jumped into the teen’s truck before speeding around the neighborhood without seatbelts. The truck  ploughed into the four pedestrians flinging them 50m, the truck flipped and crashed into a tree seriously injuring two of his mates who are both now paralysed (one who can only blink his eyes).  Really judge, really? 10 years probation? Hmm, now if it was a “poor  black” kid whose parents had “never taught him consequences” would the same sentence be given?

Want sauce with that?


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11 responses to “Judge Lets Rich Kid Off After He Killed 4 People

  1. No way a minority kid would have been let off so easy Loon. I guess it takes mowing down 2 cops, a prosecutor and a judge for a rich kid to get sent to prison!

  2. celticqueen1

    I can’t believe it, terrible terrible thing to happen. We could all say the same as that as my parents never knew where I was as a kid. We lived in the country and it wasn’t an issue. We just knew right from wrong.

  3. susi spice

    Of course any other kid, especially one of non-white background would probably have been given the chair! It’s appalling, yet, this judge has grossly made an error of law and set a dangerous precedent. The judge should be disbarred, he has obviously lost his mind.

  4. journeymans

    That ‘judge’ is most likely a ‘coke-head’.

  5. Tarrant County is one over from Dallas County (where I live). There isn’t enough fury for this, though there is some. This judge should be kicked to the curb.

  6. Terry

    Sure. They are more than likely a huge part of someone’s super pak. Clearly well connected. Someone needs to check mom and dads affilItions. Bushes?? I mean it took serious horsepower to get this kid off a quadruple manslaughert.
    I don’t know about consuquenses either. What’s the threshold? I want to print money. If I print enough can I go free too? Obama prints too so I am not doing anything wrong am I ? What an incredible new ruling that set up an excuse for the super rich. Laws are for suckers. Like me.

  7. That Judge should be thrown behind bars and kept there for ever…better still give the prick a lethal injection…he is a danger to society… throw the rich WHITE piece of shit in with him so he has a bum buddy…. Fu#@ing Texans arsholes …..No doubt the arshole judge hangs out with mummy and daddy of the white trash shithead… It makes me spew….No justice done here…

  8. This whole story blows my mind. Would they let someone off for being too poor to know what they were doing? Of course not! Money wins every time.

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