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Man of Steel

A big shout out to British soldier Lance Corporal Luke Reeson who was shot in the face by the Taliban but simply spat out the bullet and walked 2 miles for medical help. The bullet evidently bounced off his body armor went up his lower cheek (breaking his jaw) before ending up in his mouth. Reeson is expected to make a full recovery.


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Destiny Was Sitting Right There On The Road

Destiny Flores is one lucky baby after she wandered out of her parents house in San Antonio and plonked herself right smack in the middle of the road. Fortunately the bus driver, Mike Hubbard,who was zooming along at the time, slammed on the brakes just in time to avoid making little baby road kill.


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Right Between The Eyes

Stand up Flight Lieutenant Ian Fortune and take a bow. The British helicopter pilot was shot between the eyes by a Taliban bullet while picking up casualties during a fight between American and Afghan forces. For 8 minutes Fortune, with blood pouring into his eyes, battled to control the Chinook and get his 20 passengers to safety. The bullet hit the metal rail on the front of his helmet and then boom, straight between the eyes as Fortune was taking off with injured soldiers. Despite being injured and another bullet hitting the controls and shutting down the stabilisation system he managed to stop it from spiraling out of control and land the helicopter at Camp Bastion. Hero.


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Fine Line Between Being an Idiot or a Hero

All hail the Argentinian man who jumped off the back of a motorcycle to push a van off the tracks as a friggin train came barreling down. Geez, what a fine line between epic win and epic fail!


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Dumbassed Cat

Oooh shit!

Oh guess who will be getting treats for the rest of his life? Bubba the Golden Retriever, that’s who. Oh yes, doggie dearest saved his owner Saundra Frazer from being burned to a crisp when the stupid dumbassed cat knocked over a burning candle (probably deliberately). The incessent barking woke not only Sandra but Charles McCauley, a guy who lived at the back of the house, and all escaped relatively unharmed. Oh except for the house. House 0, Sandra 0, Cat 1.

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Kurt Fearnley has successfully finished crawling the 96km Kokoda Trail on his hands. Well done you friggin hero! And what did Fearnley have to say about his superhuman feat? “Mate, I just was hurting, it was the toughest thing I’ve ever done” . His parents surprised him at the finishing line to help celebrate with a bottle of champers or two.


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Don’t Save The Phone

OK, here’s the thing people, you can always get yourself a new phone. When a fire broke in Nathaniel Lagree’s house, the first thing he did was rescue his wife and daughter. Sadly the last thing he did was rush back into the house to retrieve his cell phone. His body was later found by firefighters.

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