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Primal Instinct

OMG, a top South African rugby player has been arrested for allegedly hacking to death three men who he believed gang raped his daughter, giving her HIV. The man, who has not been named, played for one of the leading teams in Durban. The three men were butchered with an axe, with one being decapitated and his head thrown in a dustbin. When police raided the player’s house they found an axe and bloodied clothing of one of the victims. Sadly the crime rate in South Africa, especially sexual assaults against women, has spiraled out of control forcing many to take action into their own hands. Another tragic tale that will have no winners.

Psst The rugby player is black so police have ruled out a racial motivation for the killings.

Want sauce with that?


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Friggin Evil Clown

Look away loons, it’s another scary clown story. Yep, Jose Guadalupe Jimenez has just reconfirmed everything I suspected about these terrifying creatures. The professional clown (aka”El Tin Larin”) has  been accused of kidnapping and raping a 12 year old girl while still in his full friggin stage make-up and mask in 2002. It evidently took DNA for the police to make the arrest as the only description the girl could give at the time was he “was a clown”.

Want sauce with that?

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Might Have Given Some Thought To Genetics Lady!

I'd be a fabulous granny

OK, here’s the thing woman who wants to be a granny, hiring a man to rape your daughter so your dream can come true is kinda harsh! The 51 year old South African woman organized a local man to rape her 24 year old daughter (without a condom) in the hope that she would become pregnant because she so desperately wanted to become a grandmother. After the attack and rape the daughter rang police telling them of the plot. No word on whether her wish has come true.

Want sauce with that?


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Twisted Tweet!

OK, here’s the thing preschool teacher, do not, and I repeat DO NOT, tweet you want to rape little girls on your first day at work. The substitute teacher from Gothenburg in Sweden tweeted ” …preschool Start 9.30am. Think I will rape 6-7 young girls,” Oh boy, awkward.The principal of the school, who was notified about the disturbing tweets, suspected a certain male teacher and contacted police. So much for his career!


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And Cue Eyebrow Raise

That's just bull!!

Gosh, poor old  Julian Assange releases a few thousand sensitive US government military documents (over 75,000 to be exact) on his website Wikileaks and next thing he knows he’s being accused of rape and molestation. Hmm, if I was even an itsy bit cynical !!! Swedish authorities are claiming the “alleged” incidents happened on Mr Assange’s recent trip to Sweden.

Psst Sheez, in the good old days they would have just bumped him off and made it look like  suicide!

UPDATE : Call off the dogs, Swedish police have withdrawn the warrant.


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Should Have Plagiarized

OMG, Temitope Adenugba was so behind in her end of year Uni assignment she concocted a devious plan to get an extension. Bless. The student from Oxford Brookes University in the UK rang police and reported she’d been raped and when they arrived at her college dorm she pointed to the poor friggin cleaner, Kunle Ogunmola, and told them that was him. Poor Mr Ogunmola spent a year trying to clear his name until the police investigations finally exposed Adenugba as a nasty friggin liar. Ms Adenugba was given 18 months jail while Mr Adenugba continues to try and convince his wife  he didn’t do it. .

Psst No word on what she got for her assignment.


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Rape-aXe Condoms

Oh boy, I would hate to be a rapist in South Africa now! Introducing the “Rape-aXe” condom created by Dr Sonnet Ehlers. The condom has nasty little jagged rows of hooks which will latch onto a man’s penis if he so much as penetrates a woman. So how does it work? Well the woman inserts it like a tampon. If an unfortunate man tries to have sex with her it will attach itself to his penis like a friggin shark. The more he tries to remove it the more tighter it will clasp on. Dr Ehlers says “It hurts, he cannot pee and walk when it’s on,” There will be 30,000 of the Rape-aXe condoms handed out to women during the World Cup period as part of a testing process. Sheez, color me evil but I am guessing it won’t be long before women will be using it as revenge on their unfaithful husbands or boyfriends. Hmm, I hope they are easy to remove.

Psst If you want to become a reseller check out their website  AntiRape.co.za.


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Not Even The Amish Are Spared

Holy horse and cart Batman, an Amish man has been charged with alleged sexual crimes against  at least  5 underage girls. Charles Mast (26) from Missouri was arrested after an investigation into the rape and sodomy of the girls dating back as far as ten years ago. It is expected more charges will be  filed as the investigation continues. Three of the victims are Amish and two are not.

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Rape Proof Jeans?

OMG, a man in Australia has been acquitted of rape because the victim’s skinny jeans were so tight there was no way he could have got them off by himself. Nicholas Gonzales said the woman had consensual sex despite her claims he had ripped them off before the attack. The jury sided with Mr Gonzales believing that it would be extremely hard to have removed the tight jeans without help.


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Happy Engagement

It’s bad enough getting raped but imagine being arrested after telling police you’ve been attacked. A Muslim woman who lives in London was in Dubai celebrating her engagement when she was attack in a hotel lavatory by a waiter (allegedly) after she passed out . When the couple contacted police she was taken into custody for “illegal drinking” along with having sexual intercourse outside marriage. Oh and get this, her fiance was charged with the same offenses! If found guilty, that’s up to 6 years jail. Hmm, now there’s a party you would want to forget.


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