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Butt Slasher On The Loose

Hold onto your bum cheeks woman of Washington, you have a butt slasher in your midst. So far the man has targeted 9 woman, creeping up on them and slashing their rear ends with a box cutter. Fortunately none of the woman have received¬† life threatening injuries …. hmm just the abject humiliation of having their asses exposed to the elements, that’s all. The slasher is described as a 5ft6″ Latino.

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No Time To Duck

OMG, a woman in Townsville has been killed by a flying mower blade. The woman was walking down the street minding her own business when a blade from a slasher, being pulled by a small tractor, flew off and hit her in the head.The slasher was being used to mow a vacant block. A witness said she died instantly.


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