Your Pee Don’t Stick

Only a matter of time

The city of Hamburg has come up with an ingenious way of pissing on the pissers. The walls of stink that have engulfed some popular night spots (due to men relieving themselves on them) have now been coated with liquid repellent paint. You pee on them and it comes right back at ya.

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Meals On Wheels

Just when you thought it was safe to drive through a lion park…. a family got the bejeezus scared out of them when a lion used his teeth to open their car door. I love lions, nom, nom, nom, boo.

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Harrison Ford Ditches Plane

Holy Indiana Jones, Batman. Harrison Ford is lucky to be alive after he crashed his light aircraft into a golf course this morning. After stacking it on the fairway he was rushed to hospital with head injuries.


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Man Blown From House

burning houseYou wake up in the morning, smell a little gas, switch on the bathroom light and …. KABOOM … you are blown through the front door onto the lawn. People, remember, when you smell gas, leave the building slowly, do not turn on any switches or your cell phone. Just get the hell out of there.


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Goldfish 0, Swallower 0

Friggin justice!

Friggin justice!

You swallow a live goldfish and post it on line…that’s a banning right there….. for 5 years Nanny Stater. The dude who can’t own a fish for 5 years was also sentenced to 120 hours community service and given a $800 fine.

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Dog-gone Humour

dog fun

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March 3, 2015 · 3:38 am

Cats Knocking Over Shit


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