Zodiac Killer and Linked To Kennedy Assassination

Hands up loons, how many of you searched Google for info on Ted Cruz’s dad’s link to Lee Harvey Oswald? I admit I did. Kinda had a chuckle when I came across this one…. you couldn’t access the story unless you liked…I want a Republican in the White House.


Poor Cruz, he can’t take a trick. First he was named as the Zodiac Killer, despite not having been born for the first killing and now his father has been accused of being connected to Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK’s assassination. No wonder he pulled the plug….it’s all becoming too absurd.


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Holy Sh*t

pooA group of monks in India are hoping the government will allow them to poop in public. Yep, they want to have the rights, on religious grounds, to crap wherever they like. The dilemma facing the government now is, exempt the monks or go with public health initiatives which includes abolishing public defecation by 2019.


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Pizza Box Pizza

Genius, genius, genius. A Brooklyn pizzeria has created the first ecologically-friendly pizza box. It’s made entirely of pizza. Yep, pizza box pizza. Now the only prob is working out how to deliver it without putting it in another box.


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Belly Button Fluff Beer

Oh for crying out loud a brewery in Oz is creating a special brew for an upcoming festival. The beer will have a little surprise ingredient….yeast dug from out from the worker’s belly buttons. Hmm, or more specifically extracted from belly button lint. The Belly Button Beer will contain the fluff from the brewer’s bellies. When quizzed the owner said the “completely unique yeast strain” gave the beer a unique flavour. Oh and don’t worry clean freaks, the yeast strains have been sterilized. Evidently, the belly button beer will have a hint of “spiciness, clove and light banana esters.” I suppose we should be grateful it isn’t toe jam beer.

PSST Adelaide.

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Cat 1, Postie 0

Meanwhile in the UK a Bristol postie is threatening to stop delivering mail to an address because the cat Bella snatches the mail from his hands…that is a “potential hazard” right there. The owners have created a makeshift post box outside their house so the postie’s fingers are no longer at risk. Did someone say Nanny State?

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cat 3When your neighbour’s pussycat gets stuck up a 40ft tree for 12 hours and you can’t afford the cost of an animal rescue service why wouldn’t you set up a crowd funding campaign. Four hours later and $205 raised, Boots, the orange tabby, is now back on solid ground. Sleep easy animal lovers, one less cat to worry about.

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Something to Tell The Grandkids

It use to be an urban legend you would tell visitors to Australia…careful of the Redback on the toilet seat. But alas for one unlucky dude it has become a reality. A man in Sydney was bitten by the venomous Redback spider while taking a leak in a portaloo …wait, there is more…. he was bitten on his penis. OK loons, I know what you were thinking , he was either sitting down (which is uncool) or he was standing up (which makes it awfully big). Anywho, I digress. By the time paramedics had arrived, the man had wisely made his own way to hospital where he was treated for swelling, pain and the humiliation. No word on the mental state of the spider.

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