Bad Mannered Raccoon

I swear the cat was behind this …

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Can’t Cough That One Out

Ewwwwww gross

Ewwwwww gross

Ever wondered how a woman could get a 2 inch furball in her vagina? Me neither. However, it happened. A woman, who let her two kitties sleep in her bed, began complaining of severe stomach aches. Off she toddled to the gyno who on further inspection discovered a furball entangled in her IUD contraceptive coil. Go on, permission to gag. Evidently, neither her partner or herself slept in underwear and well, during sex cat hairs become attached to boyfriend’s penis…you can figure out the rest. I am guessing poor Cricket and Donut no longer snuggle up in bed with them.

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Hidden Danger At Playground

OK, firstly I had no idea it was a “thing” but evidently you can get zapped in playgrounds by static electricity. Who knew right? A playground in Perth has been closed due to “the high levels of static electricity it is currently giving off,”. Seems people with pacemakers or cochlear implants are most at risk . Hmm, and here I was thinking people who hate messy hair. The playground will be closed until further notice.

PSST This is why we are known as the State of Excitement!!!!



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This is what a 100 layers of foundation looks like….

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Take That!

Somewhere out there is a would-be kidnapper hanging his head in shame. You had one job….kidnap an 8 year old. What happened? She kung fu-ed you into submission. Amateur. An 8 year old did the old pressure move on the neck of a man who had broken into her home and attempted to drag her downstairs. The little ninja told police she used the “the Cheetah Paw” on the intruder, a move she learnt at Kung Fu class. Meanwhile, police are looking for a man who the girl says “smelled like garbage.” So many levels of hurt.


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Attention all Pokemon-sters, can you please look up from your smartphone screens for a second to smell the roses ….just saying.


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Bulk Carrier

OK loons, not sure if this is technically a “fat” person airline but it has been labelled one. Canada’s Bombardier airline manufacturer will soon be unveiling a plane that has 48cm (19inch) wide seats. Generous bottom space for the average hefty traveller. It will also features wider aisles and bigger luggage bins. Oh yeah, it’s a keeper.

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