What The?

For the love of god what the hell is this….. warning this can’t be unseen

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Shawshank Fail

Oh bless, a murderer attempted to escape from one of Australia’s maximum security prisons by burrowing a tunnel . He was 100m from freedom when he was sprung. Come on man, you need to lift your game. The dudes in the US managed to Shawshank….yeah sure, one got shot dead and the other now leaks like a sieve but at least they are known as the dudes who escaped. What you need is a disgruntled female prison wa…. oh never mind.

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Hoodwinked Much?

Awks dear Watson

Awks dear Watson

What do you get when East End council planners approve an application for a proposed “celebration of women in the East End” project? A Jack the Ripper Museum, that’s what. It seems the proposed the “first women’s museum in the UK” was code for celebrating a murderer who prayed on vulnerable women of the 19th century. Hands up who sees the irony? The application for the conversion of the disused Victorian shop into a museum included images of suffragettes and equal pay campaigners and was going to be called Museum of Women’s History. Hmm, well technically it kinda is….but not in a good way. In the owners defense he said “It is absolutely not celebrating the crime of Jack the Ripper but looking at why and how the women got in that situation in the first place.” Oh dear, would you like a shovel for the hole you are digging?

Psst Added to the awks, none of Jack’s victims were murdered on Cable Street.


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Good News For The Non Cool Kids

I know you have to wait awhile but to all those kids who have been bullied or ignored by the “cool kids” just remember one important thing, they are highly likely to become losers in later life. Studies have revealed the cool kids  are at higher risk of becoming alcoholics, druggies or crims. Karma’s a bitch.

Want sauce with that?


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Escalatorville Horror

After a woman in China got eaten up by an escalator last week after she fell through the footplate, shoppers have been doing everything to avoid the same fate.

The video of the killer escalator

The video of scared shoppers



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Has the Mystery of MH370 Finally Been Solved?

sherlock 2Oh for the love of Agatha Christie have they really found debris from the missing Malaysian airlines plane? Yes, a piece of plane washed up at La Reunion island, off the coast of Madagascar and all fingers are pointing to it being part of the missing MH370. The conspiracy part of me thinks it could have been conveniently planted (as it was predicted wreckage would wash up there) but the non cynical side hopes it is, so it can bring closure to all the families. Want sauce with that?


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nutellaBrace yourself Australia, we are heading into a Nutellageddon. The popular hazelnut spread is about to run out and people are scared. Supermarket shelves are being stripped bare of Nutella  because Melbourne cafes and bakeries are using so much friggin hazelnut spread  in their doughnuts and desserts that there is now a shortage. AND the desperate bakers are now clearing domestic sized jars because they can’t get their little mitts on the commercial tubs. Dear lord, it is a crisis of epic proportions!!! Feeling anxious.


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