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You know had to post this!!!


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Japanese Pop Star Attacked By Crazed Fan

Yellow-RibbonOK, one more time people. When a creepy obsessed fan sends you a gift just send him a simple thank you note and then ring the police ASAP. A Japanese pop singer is fighting for her life after she returned a watch sent to her from a psychotic fan and he turned up at her concert and went crackers. Mayu Tomita was stabbed over 20 times when she didn’t give him a straight answer as to why she returned his present. I’m guessing she was lost for words …. She is now lying unconscious in a Tokyo hospital.


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Take My Breath Away

My worst nightmares rolled into one…exercise and public transport… introducing the exercise bus. Perfect. Now there is justification why the person next to you stinks like a skunk on a bender. On a happier note…it will be a bitch doing anything with a seat belt and stack hat. Health and safety fail!!!

exercise bus 2


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For Mice

Hell NO!!!!! I came across this yesterday and nearly gagged on my Krispy Kreme.

cheese latte

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Jogger 0, Kangaroo 0.5

You know what I hate? When you are out jogging and you get kaboomed by a flying kangaroo….I really hate that.  The roo in question got hit by a car and flew right into the jogger, taking out his legs. Oh the calamity. No word on the kangaroo, but the jogger will be limping for a wee bit.


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What a Tool

A Nazi gynecologistt Carl Clauberg's surgical tools foundman down under had an embarrassing encounter with a ring spanner. Seems he got ihis penis stuck in it and had to ring the fire brigade. Enter angle grinder and a whole lot of awks. Guessing there was very little eye contact.

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Shark Tale

Nshark attackote to self , if you get bitten on the arm by a 2ft nurse shark don’t bother killing it…chances are the creature won’t let go Anywho. Bystanders claim the woman was teasing the shark before it sunk its teeth in. The woman had to take a trip to hospital to have it extracted.

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