Bedroom of the Dolls

Holy haunted dolls Batman. A guy in Alabama claims he was attacked by his girlfriend’s dolls. Phillip’s girlfriend, Nicole, has 100 dolls in her bedroom of which two evidently scratched him while he was sleeping . Nicole, who can communicate with the spirits, believes the dolls are possessed by “two man” hating women who both had murdered their partners, which is why they “acted out” on her boyfriend. She has now removed the two nasty assed dolls from her bedroom due to fears they may continue to torment him. Hmm, so what about the 98 others? Sleep with one eye open Phillip. Nicole claims she has been collecting “spirited” dolls since the age of 12 when she got her first possessed one. Some of the dolls that she buys aren’t haunted until they begin mingling with her highly spirited ones. Nicole also claims the dolls like to have a good laugh but only when she leaves the room because they don’t want to “show” in front of her. She can hear them though.

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Shit happens

Oh my lord, the moral of this story is never ever gobble down hot chilli before a MMA cage fight or the content of your bowels might just explode and dribble down your leg. Poor Travis got caught in a chokehold and then kaboom…. he shat himself so badly it ran down his legs (including beans) onto the canvas. Poor dude then had to do the walk of shame as the crowd gave him a humiliating send off.  Pity the fool who had to clean that up. Sorry the content of the video can’t be unseen.

PSST He’s new name is now the Brown Bomber


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Just In Case You Were Wondering

In a new study it has been revealed that 30% of all 911 calls come from accidental butt dials …. hmm, still no cure for cancer.


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Why can’t they leave well alone?


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Well That Just Escalated

You know what I hate? When you are doing a live-stream and you accidentally set your apartment alight while everyone is still watching. Awks. I was nearly  compelled to yell at him… in the same way I yell at idiots on Judge Judy.


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Vegemite is What?

OK, Vegemite is a LOT of things but I think you are clutching the cray cray straw if you believe it is racist…disgusting and gross yes, but racists nope. Get off the kool-aid…it is yeast extract and now owned by an American company.


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Maxi Pad Bandit

One more time Loons, if you are going to conceal your face while robbing a store please don’t use something that will end in tears …and a life of mockery. Poor, silly Gary wasn’t thinking straight when he stuck a feminine hygiene pad on his forehead to conceal his identity when he broke into an auto parts store. He not only got caught but he will now be forever known  as the Maxi Pad Bandit. Dear lord, what were you thinking Gary?



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