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Friggin Idol

Well it is that time of the year again where we cosy ourselves up on the couch to see who’s singing career is about to take a nose dive. Yes, the grand finals of American Idol, the battle of the two Davids, or Chucky (Elmo) vs Herman Munster ( so they are saying) is about to unfold. I always find by the time the finals arrive my favorite has been long voted off and its all a bit of anti-climax. I don’t care who wins or loses because I am not going to buy their CD anyway. Personally I can not think of anything more torturous than having to listen to ten tracks of a whiny, powerless, adolescent voice that is Archuleta . Doesn’t anyone else see that? If he wins, I bet he will do a duet with his dad.

I also think they should change the voting format so you simply vote them off. Easier, quicker and at least the contestants really know how many people hate them. Hey and it isn’t like they will be psychologically scarred, being voted off the show is trauma in itself (ask Brooke White).

For anyone who is interested (which I doubt) the only Idol Cd I ever bought was from the youngest ever winner of Idol, she was from Australia and could whip Archuleta’s butt. Casey Donovan was sixteen when she won and she had an awesome voice, unfortunately she had weight and communication issues which blew her career right out of the water. Whoops, how could I forget Fantasia, her A fool in Love song on series 3 was just brilliant and in front of Clive Davis whats more (and I did buy her CD). Alas I digress.

So, my prediction is that David Cook will win, his CD will be predictable, Simon will sign up tickle me Elmo and give him eye opening lessons before releasing a CD which will be listen to by the 50 years and up demographic group (oh and his dad of course) before he finds himself doing Vegas 7 nights a week. Paula will continue her prescription meds and the world will continue to revolve.

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