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Row, Row, Row My Foot Gently Down The Stream

Friggin feet washing up on beaches in Canada, what next? I can see it now the movie deal starring Anthony Hopkins and sponsored by Nike or Reebok of course. The thing that makes it so creepy is the fact the feet are all nicely snug in socks and sneakers. Not Jimmy Choo shoes or Prada’s, nope just good old runners. But what I don’t get is why just one shoe? Given currents and the number of them (6 so far, whoops make that 5, 6th was a hoax) you would think you would get a matching pair at some stage ? But no, different feet, different shoes (and except for one, all right feet). Is it like a message in a bottle for a serial killer, he just sends a foot bobbing down the river hoping some poor person discovers it. Even though forensics say it doesn’t appear the feet have been severed I am thinking that is purely a way as not to scare the living crap out of the Canadians. It was bad enough they had the pig feeding killer a few years back, now they have a foot fetish one.

With all said and done this publicity ain’t hurting the sneaker business one little bit, in fact it is an advertisers dream. It also takes my One Shoe Phenomenon to a whole new level!


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