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Cuil – So How’s That Working For You ?

When something doesn’t look right, you should take heed. The new search engine Cuil, is friggin NOT. Firstly, use a “real word” so my spell checker can get a day off, secondly use a friendly  background so I don’t feel as though I am about to enter a porn site and thirdly test before you launch dahh!

This is how much I like Cuil, I would go to a public library before ever going back onto Cuil to search for something. You know we love hating Google, but if this is our best alternative we are in deep cyberspace. A library without an index system is like, well Cuil!  Lets just hope they aren’t using the public to sort out all the glitches!!! Lucky I didn’t buy any shares in this dot com.

Apprentice search engine…..YOU’RE FIRED !

I am nominating Cuil for the 2008 Friggin Loon Award.

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