Friggin Beam Me Up Already!

When will Scotty get to his final frontier? It seems they are having trouble beaming up poor Scotty (aka James Doohan), well, his ashes at least. Word out is that the company, Celestis, who offers “Explorer Flight” space burial services is having a little bit of trouble launching 208 people’s remains into outer space. Captain Kirk would have been horrified . Evidently, James Doohan, along with Gordon Cooper (original Mercury 7 crew member) and 206 others are lost (well bits of them) after a botched mission. A trekkie collectors dream. Imagine having Scotty on your mantelpiece!. Sadly this ain’t the first time Doohan’s family have tried to complete his wish. Doohan died in 2005 and the family have had several attempts (not to mention funeral services) to get Scotty where no man has been before, well, with Celestis anyway !

Bless, Celestis statement reads in part “If the remains are not recovered from this launch, the company has backup supplies that it arranges when it acquires the remains”. Ewww they are only beaming up a bit of Scotty ! I am hoping the 208 people aren’t in one urn (devalues it on eBay).

Now here is a thought, how come no one was aware that an out of control spacecraft was going to crash somewhere on earth? I think the media should be more interested in the fact that I (along with many others) could have been killed by a B grade actor. And don’t give me that crap about them knowing we were all safe, they have no clue where it crashed.

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