Nut Job

Of course I won't tell anyone !

"Of course I won't tell anyone!"

What’s up in Asia ? A Malaysian welder who was about to get engaged decided, before the big event, to lengthen the size of his penis (as you do!). He rummaged around in his tool bag, found a nut and then threaded it onto his penis in hope that it would help to stretch it. Hmm didn’t count on an erection now, did he? The fire department were first called out to deal with the problem but they soon hand passed it to the Staff at the Sultanah Aminah hospital. They then had the pleasure of draining the blood from the welder’s penis (in between a few chuckles I bet) and then cut away the top layer of skin to remove the nut (ouch!). Last month a man from Kuala Lumpur decided to do the very same thing and his doctor had to call the fire service to cut the steel ring off his privates too! I wouldn’t be a Firefighter in Malaysian for quids.

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One response to “Nut Job

  1. ethen

    To attach foreign objects like rings or ball implants (studs) are not nuts at all. It may be nuts for those who never explore much about sex and the trills of doing it. Even with the most beautiful girls, having sex is always more or less the same. What trills most is the performance and with what it is done. Just like a gun. Of course a rifle shoots better which results a much better impact than a silly shot gun ! They are interesting testimonies by girls who have sex with their partners having rings and studs (balls). Some even confessed that males without them are not then just bored. Some can even read comic while their bored partners trobbed in their none upgraded penis which exerts minimum impacts of pleasure. Its undeniable that modern world and modern girls will go for modern new experiences, which of course not many of them will confessed openly. Such topics might be only discussed among themselves. Not like men, girls have secretive and shy natures. If you are having some shared files through the internet, you might come across the conffesions and even their pictures. Upon seeing the conffesions this issue really provoked me. Iam having a good one now and my girl friend sworn that she will never leave me for another bored one.

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