The Ripper in the Burbs

I Can't Hack Living Here !

I Can't Hack Living Here!

It seems the town of Ipswich in Brisbane, Australia, is in abuzz over claims Jack the Ripper was once walking amongst them. The person of interest is one Andrew John Gibson (aka Walter Thomas Porriott) who is believed to  have left London around the same time as the grisly Whitehall murders stopped. For some strange reason he sailed to Australia to try his luck in the suburbs of Brisbane. All fingers seem to be pointing at him. So who was Gibson ? Evidently he was a convicted killer who fancied the ladies (he was married 20 times). He was eventually buried with last known wife Eliza (Bessie) in the Toowong Cemetery in 1952. Just to add a little intrigue, Porriott doesn’t even crack a mentioned on the headstone (I guess wife 20 found out about the about wife numbers 1,2,3,4,5 ….) it simply reads “Bessie died 25th June 1957 and her husband”. BUT it does have a grainy image on it. The image depict a caped-man raising a dagger (of course it would!). Blame the latest sleuth solving effort on Brisbane historian and Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully who also thinks Ned Kelly’s younger brother Dan and fellow gang member Steve Hart survived the famous Kelly gang shoot-out at Glenrowan and came to live in Ipswich too. Hmm Ipswich is beginning to sound a lot like a serial killers retirement village.

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One response to “The Ripper in the Burbs

  1. Paul Tully

    The chances of Walter Porriott being Jack the Ripper are exceedingly small.

    His family went public on 30 December 1997 in The Bulletin magazine in Australia claiming that their relative was the butcher of Whitechapel. There was a lot of speculation by the family but no direct evidence to back the claim.

    Although Porriott served 10 years in England for manslaughter between 1940 and 1950, his age in 1888 as well as his criminal modus operandi and general antecedents would tend to rule him out as a suspect.

    But all of the Ripper theories remain just that – theories as to the true identity of Jack the Ripper. Some are stronger than others – but not one of those theories has been proven to be true in 120 years.

    Until a particular theory is disproven, it must remain open as a possibility, however slight that might be.

    Any evidence that proves that Walter Porriott was NOT Jack the Ripper would be appreciated by many people around the world.

    Some theories can almost certainly be ruled out. For example, Frederick Bailey DEEMING was identified as Jack the Ripper but research reveals that he was in prison at the time of the murders in 1888 – assuming that the Frederick DEEMING who was in prison was the same Frederick DEEMING executed in Australia in May 1892 for murdering his wife.

    My belief is that the real identity behind Jack the Ripper has not yet been publicly revealed – and may never be.

    But there remains the possibility that in some safety deposit box in London or elsewhere, or in some family records around the world, there may be that one tantalising clue which will reveal the true identity of the Whitechapel killer.

    The search continues!

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