And That’s Why They Invented Email!

Lets face it, being a postman is crap job,its monotonous, stressful and friggin time consuming. Step up to the homeplate one young Scotsman and hit one for the overworked postal worker. A wee Scottish lad, living in Germany, decided that juggling a full time job and night school was just too damn hard. So, rather than give up a good paying postal job, he kept it. Unfortunately he was too busy to actually deliver anything, instead opting to pile all the letters, brochures and packages up in his apartment.All 20,000 of them. They were stashed in his cupboards, under his mattress, in his wardrobes and just about anywhere he could shove them. Some were even addressed to himself. But like a good postal worker he never opened any. The dude’s a friggin legend, how did he manage to do this for a year ? I bet the complaints department are all on stress leave.

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