An Icelandic Meltdown

OK, here is our first down payment!

OK, here is our first down payment!

When you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Iceland, Prime Minister Gordon Brown had to go and bring up the Cod War of the 1970’s (remember that fish fight?). Oh boy, Iceland seem to be turning into an economic puddle as the world puts the heat on it. Gordon Brown’s comments have stirred up the little bankrupt community, who can do nothing but take it on their anoraks.Whats more, Gordon Brown has demanded Iceland cough up the £20 billion belonging to British savers, companies and local councils (fat friggin chance of that). And Brown ain’t afraid of using the anti terrorism laws to enforce it, yep he wants to freeze assets of Icelandic companies in the UK! Good god, what are the Icelanders gonna do, throw snow balls and cod at them? Hello, they have zip, nada,zilch. An unnamed British minister was said to have quipped : ‘It’s not Cod War, it’s Wad War’. I am thinking it is a “cold” war! Why doesn’t the world have a heart and just go and have a holiday in Iceland? Oh, yeah, that’s right, no one has any friggin money! If you want to know more about Iceland click here Ten friggin Things about Iceland.

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