Joe and the Plumber’s Crack

Crack is widening!

Crack is widening!

Well, all seemed to be going just dandy for “Joe the plumber” and the John McCain campaign until all of a sudden it began springing leaks.Those leaks were starting to become gushes by the time the truth about John McCain’s typical, hard-working American taxpayer came to light. Those leaks were sinking the plumber faster than the Titanic! Seems, Ohio tradesman Joe Wurzelbacher, isn’t a Joe at all, but a Sam and he ain’t no plumber either (no license no occupation!).Could it get any worse? You betcha, he owes back taxes too. Joe became the hero of the working class after he confronted Obama at a rally, questioning him about his tax policies.Cue Senator John McCain, like the cat that found the bird cage open, he went in for the kill,using “Joe the plumber’ story throughout the last Presidential debate.McCain proudly gloated that Obama’s plan would stop entrepreneurs such as Wurzelbacher from investing in new small businesses and keep existing ones from growing.Hmm, how wrong he was, Joe (whoops, sorry Sam) can’t work because he hasn’t got a plumber’s license and if he could, he wouldn’t have any money left to invest because the IRS will won’t their share first (ain’t that right Willy and Wesley?). So I am guessing Sam’s 15 minutes of fame is well and truly up.
Gosh, if he turns out to be a serial killer won’t we all be pissed!

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One response to “Joe and the Plumber’s Crack

  1. Dan Yahraes

    what a mess… how old is he? a 40 some year old guy who just became a registered voter, and republican, and not even a licensed plumber… good lord… he needs to get his act together

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