Don’t Mess With a Cross Country Granny!

I don't care, just keep her away from me...

I don't care, just keep her away from me....

Moral of this story is be very careful who you pick on. Three British bag snatching thieves got the, kick ass whoopin of their lives, when they took on 68 year old Janet Lane (no relation to Lois) from Torquay. Seems Mrs Lane was a cross country champion in her day and when blazon youths grabbed her purse she took off right after them. She used her athletic skills and sprinting prowess to eventually catch up with the exhausted, panting and stunned punks at a nearby hotel where she grabbed one by the scruff of his collar.”He was so afraid he dropped my bag but then managed to wriggle free,” the smug granny explained to police. The three thieves are yet to be caught, but police believe they will be too embarrassed to show their faces in the town for awhile.

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