Japan’s Answer to Train Gropers, Molesters and Chikans

Friggin Train Cafes in Japan. If you are a female and have ever caught a peak hour train in Japan you’ve probably been groped once or twice (if not you must be damn, damn ugly). It seems like it is part of the  whole Japanese peak hour train experience. That, along with, getting pushed into the crowded tin can by men wearing white gloves. Well, if you happen to be one of those Japanese gropers (chikan) you may want to become a member of the Train Cafe club. It’ll only cost you 5,000 yen (roughly 50 bucks) and save you a whole lot of trouble in the future. Once you are a member you can pay an additional 3,600 yen to partake in a 20 minute touchy feelie fest. Yep, that’s right you can catch the molester express. A simulated train ride where you can grope as many young women dressed in school uniforms or aprons as you like. I kid you not. The room has been designed to look like a train carriage. Well it has been designed to look like the most popular molesting circuit, the Yamanote Line train carriage, (that’s the one that loops the central Tokyo area).
Once on board the patrons can fondle as many women as the choose (and which ever way they choose). The role of the women is to just stand at strategic points inside the carriage just like normal passengers.The simulated carriage even makes stops at several stations where the women can get on and off, so you always have a selection of victims. Dear god, they even use actual recordings of the conductors’ announcements and LCD screens outside the window showing actual footage of the trip along the line.All the club asks of its members is that they don’t ejaculate whilst on the choo choo (that’s a whole different establishment).
The Train Cafe is located in the basement of a seedy building in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district. From all reports it has helped in reducing the amount of molestations on trains. Well, that and the fact that Tokyo trains now offer women’s only carriages.
Sorry no footage of the club but do you wanna see and example of peak hour training in Japan?

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