The Pinnacle of Karaoke

OK, no singing along this time, it's a competition!

OK, no singing along this time, it's a competition remember!

I don’t really understand the whole concept of karaoke singing, let alone a karaoke competition. Mainly because I was under the assumption that those who can, sing, those who can’t, karaoke. So I am not sure if I should go “Yay Michael Bates” or not? Michael has just been crowned World Karaoke Singing Champion in Finland (why didn’t he just enter Eurovision?). The Aussie beat competitors from over 30 countries including Japan (who haven’t been punished enough, in my opinion, for introducing it to the world). The prize for Michael is a chance to record and publish a single (good god you can do that free on MySpace). I couldn’t think of anything worse than listening to a karaoke singer on my iPod (sorry Britney)! I wonder if they have to follow the bouncing ball? Come on, I know you really, really want to see what happens at a World Championship Karaoke competition…Oh, take note of the crowd (I couldn’t see them!).


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4 responses to “The Pinnacle of Karaoke

  1. cawfeecup

    Micheal works with me in a call center lol

  2. frigginloon

    Does Michael sing between calls?

  3. Nic

    You’re a clown. Michael’s an awesome singer and performer.

  4. frigginloon

    No Nic I am a Loon!

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