Photo of Murdered Child Used as Prop on a Soap Opera

What the? General Hospital has made a soap opera out of it’s soap opera. The controversy in question can be found in the “Night Shift” episode in which a hospital worker (played by Billy Dee Williams) receives a letter and photograph from a son he apparently abandoned. The only problem is the photograph is actual of a real child, 6 year old Christopher Barrios, who in 2007 was kidnapped, raped and murdered then dumped in a garbage bin by a convicted child molester. And how do we know this ? The photo was the same one handed out to media outlets when Christopher actually went missing.Whoops! A statement released by the ABC network read in part “We offer our deepest condolences to the Barrios family for their loss and our sincerest apologies for any pain caused by our mistake,”. No one has been able to explain how the photo got on the set in the first place, because normal policy is to use an image of a child actor. The boy’s grandmother Sue Rodriquez told SoapNET “First, who gave them permission to use his picture? Second, I’m glad I don’t watch this kind of mess,soap operas,because if I had seen Christopher’s picture on there, I would have gone nuts,”. Ewh what a unlucky mess to get into and get out of!


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2 responses to “Photo of Murdered Child Used as Prop on a Soap Opera

  1. Thanks for not using the photo of little Christopher in your post. I’ve been disturbed about the fact that most news media websites and bloggers which are writing about this story are using the photo. They’re committing the same unethical action as the soap opera. Except, the TV soap did so unintentionally. The media and bloggers are using the photo purposefully, with forethought. Doesn’t anyone think this is unethical? They all pretend to take the high road, ferreting-out the unethical, evil-doers. But they’re really taking the same, crowded low road as everyone else. Most peoople get why the little boy’s grandmother asked the media not to use that photo, which the family gave the media when 6-year-old Christopher was kidnapped a year ago. Congratulations on being the exception and respecting the family. I too wrote a post on this subject — and media ethics — at:

    Sharon McEachern

  2. frigginloon

    Hi Sharon, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. And you are right, I think the family have been through enough.

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