Kent Council Hopes To See You dead

The Kent Council “We hope to see you dead soon” campaign probably sounded like a good idea at the time. That was, until the public saw it and were appalled. Oh well. The objective of the £85,000 campaign was to persuade people to slow down but it seems the satirical approach has provoked road rage instead.  One of the ads features an undertaker saying “We hope to see you dead soon.”and another has town hall workers standing around the coffin smiling and holding balloons.Hmm, lets see, the ad campaign has so far been  described as “sick and crass”, “tasteless”, “insensitive” and “unacceptable” (nice selection of adjectives). Lisa Caleno was given the task of defending the council’s creative decisions by saying “Rather than adopt a preaching tone, the commercial takes a satirical angle. Its aim is to change people’s attitudes by getting them to engage their senses and to pay more attention while on the road.” ( isn’t it more like enraged their senses). Oh they are so going to be doing preaching tone commercials next time don’t you think?

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