Prince William Naked ?

OK I am picturing it, now what?

OK I am picturing it, now what?

When Jasmine Edwards came face to face with Prince William at a Centrepoint Charity Event she got so nervous it set off her stutter. So the quick thinking Prince whispered in her ear “Don’t worry about it, just imagine me naked.” (like that’s gonna help!). Way to go prince Charming, it’s back to elocution classes for her! Hmm, so I wonder if Prince Willie practices what he preaches? Dear god, imagine the poor lad at one of the Queen’s stuffy functions (doesn’t bear thinking about really!).

Prince William and the Family Jewels

Prince William and the Family Jewels

PRINCE WILLIAM EXPOSES HIMSELF : OK I was a bit slow on this one but here is the link if you want to see Prince William really naked. Yep, that’s right click here to see the Prince’s Willie. But be warned I could only find it on a over 18 gay site, sorry! (not that there is anything wrong with that!). I think Jasmine Edwards just started stuttering again! Seems the Prince was caught off guard taking a leak. What’s with the two finger hold, is that how royalty do it?.


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8 responses to “Prince William Naked ?

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  2. Fairy Face

    I’m friggin stuttering myself Loon lol

  3. Susi Spice

    i cant see it…

  4. bill

    the two finger hold is very European– Seen that many times when I lived in Vienna-

  5. Anonymous

    There is a photo somewhere naked changing into a Native American costume. He looks about 11. Cute little wee-wee

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