What is it with these Friggin Feet?

Hmm, this theory discounted

Hmm, this theory has been discounted

Friggin feet in sneakers are still washing up in Canada. OK, after the last foot find was discovered to be a hoax , a collective sigh of relief swept across Vancouver. But now, yet another foot in a sneaker has been discovered, raising eyebrows and speculation that a serial killer who has foot or maybe running shoes issues is on the loose. The latest foot find matches one found earlier in the year. Now the police have a matching pair of woman’s New Balance running shoes with two decomposed feet in them to add to their growing collection. Unfortunately they are no closer to finding out why seven of them have washed up in Canada over the past year. The only foot identified was that of a man known to have suffered from depression. It is sounding more and more like the work of a serial killer than that of plane accident victims don’t you think? Just to make the job of police even harder, scientists believe the feet could have drifted for years and for thousands of miles because human body parts can remain intact in water for a long time when protected by shoes (great).The latest gruesome discovery was made by a woman walking her dog along the banks of Fraser River, thinking it was a left over Halloween prank .


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2 responses to “What is it with these Friggin Feet?

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  2. That carry-on got into one of those thriller books, maybe Kathy Reichs – I think. Seems the fish dislike the stuff sneakers are made of!

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