Friggin Tool Bag in Space

OK, I tried to simply ignore the friggin tool bag lost in space story. I didn’t give a Will Robinson that Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper accidentally let go of the tether holding the $100,000 bag. Nope, I wasn’t even vaguely interested in knowing what the hell was in the bag that could possibly cost that much. A friggin spanner? A friggin screw driver? Nope, two friggin grease guns. But then some nutter in Australia goes and finds the friggin thing speeding through space, films it and puts it on YouTube. Now what friggin choice do I have?…wanna see it?

NEWS ALERT : OK, I did some research for myself and discovered the footage isn’t of a tool bag at all. Nope, it’s of a tool, but just not NASA’s.

Lost tool in space!

Lost tool in space!

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