South Korea Adultery Law

If he thinks our marriage was bad before, wait till I get out!

This isnt helping my acting Korea!

Hmm, Gordon Ramsay, better stay away from South Korea if he knows what’s good for him, seems adultery could get you two years in jail if you get caught and your spouse files a criminal complaint. A popular South Korean actress Ok So-ri is facing 18 months behind bars for admitting to having an affair with a singer. Her husband, Park Chul, who is really pissed is demanding the book be thrown at her. Her case is highlighting the issue of whether the Adultery Law should be given the flick, as it is more often than not being used as weapon for revenge rather than as a means of salvaging a marriage (dah!). The constitutional court has ruled for the fourth time that adultery must remain a crime, saying it was damaging to social order and “the punishment of a two-year jail term is not excessive when comparing it to responsibility.” (gosh you get less for murder). Imagine how many prisons we would have to built if this became a global law?

UPDATE : Oh boy, Ok So-ri has been found guilty of adultery and has been given a 8 months suspended sentence, which means no jail time. Her lover also got whacked with a 6 months suspended sentence for his little part!


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3 responses to “South Korea Adultery Law

  1. Vanessa

    wooww~ its all over D;
    can someone give me a link to information about this law? like on wikipedia or other sites like….

  2. frigginloon

    Hmm Vanessa, you aren’t getting any ideas are you? I shall see what I can do!

  3. frigginloon

    OK, the “your spouse can go to jail” is under article 241 of Korean law and a good Korean Divorce Law link is

    Don’t do anything rash people!

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