Not A Pleasant Pheasant Shoot

Why wont you listen to me I am a Prince!

Why wont you listen to me? I am a Prince damn you!

Gosh, I don’t know what’s worse, shooting a pheasant clear out of the sky or whacking your black Labradors with a 4ft stick? Hmm, maybe just being Prince Edward? Boy, is he in big trouble.The baby boy of the royal family has cracked a little hissy fit whilst popping off birds with his father, Prince Andrew and Peter Phillips. The royal family were enjoying a pleasant day of killing things when Prince Edward blew a pheasant clear out of the sky. It was then that the problem started. Shortly after his carcass collecting Labradors raced to the death scene, they began to fight over the dead bird’s body (a royal no-no). Hmm,maybe if he had just fed the dogs better!!!. Seems Prince Edward wasn’t impressed with his hunting dogs behavior and went for them with a 4ft stick. One of the petrified pooches slunk away but was chased by his red faced owner.Unfortunately for the Duke of Wessex someone was taking pot shots of their own, a photographer. Ugh, images of the irate Prince wielding his cane at the dogs was caught all on film. Gosh, if the dogs thought they were in trouble then! Buckingham Palace quickly responded to the incident with this statement;  “He broke up the fight with the dogs and pictures show him waving his stick around. We cannot confirm, however, whether he struck the dog.”  What the hell do you need with a 4ft stick when pheasant hunting anyway? I suppose he would have shot the dogs if he didn’t have the stick! Prince Edward is never far away from animal right activist’s raised eyebrows. Three years ago he bashed a dying pigeon to death with a walking stick after it was hit by a stray bullet.Well, I suppose he takes after his dear old dad who was at the scene of a fox clubbing incident at Sandringham a few years back. An animal cruelty charge won’t look good on his resume (ooh, does he have one?). Hmm, I guess they are just royalty, not role models!


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2 responses to “Not A Pleasant Pheasant Shoot

  1. Lou

    Who’d be a Royal, so he disciplined his dog…..would it have been better if he’d let them tear each other apart.

    Too many people who ‘don’t have a clue’ are quick to judge.

    All those couch potatoes with ‘fighting dogs’ are just ticking time-bombs regarding their animals and the general public.

    I think P. Ed know’s what he’s doing

  2. Becca

    You use sticks for Beating. Look it up!

    And knocking a pigeon out when its been shot, and not quite died, is better for the animal. Why let it suffer!

    “Too many people who ‘don’t have a clue’ are quick to judge.” Well said!

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