Alligator a Long Way From Home

Crap, I should have chucked a left at the Atlantic Ocean

Crap, I should have chucked a left at the Atlantic Ocean

By crikey, usually when you hear rustling in the bushes you expect to find a lizard or a snake not a friggin Alligator (especially in Australia). Noonameena campsite caretaker Chris Littlejohns and his wife Jan got the surprise of their life when they saw an alligator emerge from the bushes on their property in Pambula. They had been enjoying a leisurely sit down on their verandah when the strange looking beast came rushing over to them (I bet they put their feet up). It wasn’t long before a crowd of campers gathered to have a gawk at what looked like one damn ugly crocodile. After feeding it some fish the creature got a little agitated and they threw a volleyball net over it until wildlife experts arrived. Originally identified as an indigenous crocodile it was later revealed to be an alligator native to North America. No one has yet come forward to claim the lost soul who is being cared for at Mogo Zoo. I bet the friggin crocs got the fright of their life too when they saw the alligator.

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