Friggin Black Panthers

Hey, black panthers are the new Bigfoot !

Hey, black panthers are the new Bigfoot !

Who let the wildlife out? First an alligator in Australia and now friggin panthers. Has the land down under become a dumping ground for unwanted wildlife? Ok, the Loon wrote about the Lithgow Panther a few weeks back and now there seems to be more proof that Australia has a panther problem (and I ain’t talking Penrith!).Colin Rossow a farmer from Glenwood (near Gympie, Queensland) has got plaster cast evidence that there is something big and feline roaming on his property.  Whilst excavating on his property Mr Rossow came across a huge paw print and like any good farmer would do, he grabbed some gyprock plaster and made a cast (city folk are far too skeptical).The cast looks pretty scary with the print measuring 14.5cm x 13cm and revealing friggin cat like claws. Mr Rossow, who swears he has even heard it grunting and chuffing, has always been suspicious of its existence and this confirms it (for him at least). It seems the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service have a nice plump file on reported sightings of the black panther dating back to 1997. For goodness sakes people, how many friggin panthers are there in Australia? Even W.A. has had reported sightings of them.


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6 responses to “Friggin Black Panthers

  1. I called Queensland Parks and Wildlife, and they claim no file exists because the big cats are not native wildlife and that’s all they deal with. I intent to prove, by capturing a black panther, that they have been here since Australia and the other continent were connected. If anyone wants an explanation of this, please email me. Also, if anyone thinks they have seen a black cat 75 cm at the shoulder and about 1.2 metres long with about a 60 cm tail please let me know. My knowledge is not from reading a book, but being within 50 metres of these cats in North America and seeing their kills.

    John Midwood
    Rosemount, Qld

  2. Ann

    Yeah more grainy photos please!

  3. Ann

    John if you catch it and bring it to my place then I’ll believe you. We’ve heard it all before. Big black cats on the loose. Nope I will only believe it when I see it on my front door step as anyone can fake photos. Sorry all those grainy photos made me
    a skeptic. My daughter has a huge huge British Shorthair house cat so ferals can grow twice that size. I’m sure they are just feral cats.

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