Muncie Police Rock

Don’t you hate it when people push in line, don’t you wish the police could just arrest them? Well they can, so it seems. Edward R. Pluhar Jr and Edward R. Pluhar Sr. picked the wrong day to push in line at Wal-Mart. Officer Chris Kirby (off duty)was patiently waiting his turn at the service desk when the father and son duo decided to go  right to the head of the line. Not impressed by the men’s behavior Officer Kirby asked them to wait their turn. They threatened to take the argument outside but soon changed their minds after discovering he was a police officer. Officer Kirby followed them into the carpark where a scuffle broke out and they were eventually arrested (yay!).


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12 responses to “Muncie Police Rock

  1. bob

    you do know the clerk told them to come to the front of the line because they going to get a different item and the clerk told them to come back to the front of the line. get your facts right.

    • Thanks Bob and hey don’t shoot the messenger!!!!! I was beginning to suspect there was a gigantic whole in the story but if the Loon doesn’t take a side, I don’t get people like you setting it all straight. See method in my madness (but don’t tell anyone!)

  2. John

    Yeah Right! There are 2 sides to every story, and it seems to me that Kirby is a friggin’ nut job. You better hope you don’t have a run in with this Fascist yourself one day.

  3. Allison

    And if you look here:

    The cop stood in the way of the van, then charged the father with criminal wrecklessness with a vehicle. Also, the son was charged with battery on the police officer (after the officer followed them out, and chased them down in the parking lot). These guys weren’t arrested for cutting in line, they were arrested for the aggression of the off duty cop.

  4. tOMMY d

    Another example of government out of control.
    Why am I afraid of the police when I get pulled over ( I am not a minority, not a criminal, hiding from no one, pay my taxes, have a job…….yet I panic)?

    Why do people in NJ get arrested for legally passing out panphlets that do not agree with Jon Corizine?

    Because government workers, including police, are now simply part of the “get the good guy” mentality in our government. REVENUE GENERATORS FOR AN OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT more interested in handing out money we dont have, when they should be building up the future of of children (NOT DESTROYING IT).

  5. paresident

    Doesn’t this cop have some real criminals to arrest, show like abuse of powers to me.

    Shame on the cop, government out of control, here it comes

  6. Al

    Still left out the part where dad said he would shoot Kirby before they found out he was a cop.

  7. truthseeker

    Oh we look foolish when we jump to conclussions.

    One witness, Beradette Elkins, said the whole incident “was blown out of proportion” and should have never resulted in an arrest.

    “If the cop never said anything and minded his own business, this would have never have happened,” Elkins said.

    • frigginloon

      Hmm, the story just keeps on getting better. Thanks for that Truth Seeker, I hope they release those surveillance tapes on YouTube so we can all judge for ourselves.

  8. Scott

    Chris Kirby is a fat f@#% on an extended power trip. He is a back stabber and is not to be trusted. He should never have been given a badge, the only reason he has one is because of his old man(who was no more fit for police work than he is).

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