I Want My Krispy Kreme NOW!

Want, want, want. A Brisbane police officer has made a right fool of himself after he demanded free doughnuts. Hmm, the staff at Krispy Kreme denied the hungry cop the freebies and his sugar fix so he cracked the shits (as you would!). Witnesses to the fiasco said that the officer continued to argue with the staff after being told no, he eventually stormed off in a rage. One said “He was quite rude, insisting his doughnuts should be free.” Oh boy, it gets worse. Thanks to the junior constable’s public outburst, Krispy Kreme are ceasing to provide the free doughnuts to the City Beat unit . All the doughnuts which went unsold at the end of each day were given to the police but now they are being handed out to the homeless (great for their teeth!).

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Filed under Denial, How Embarrassing, Whoops!

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