Friggin Arsonists

What about them?

What about them?

Wouldn’t you friggin know it, the 39 year old caught and charged with lighting the fire in Gippsland, Victoria, which killed 21 people, is psychologically unwell. Oh surprise, surprise. The arsonist “suspect”, who has now been given legal aid lawyers (great), is said to be “in a fragile mental state,” (boo friggin hoo). The unnamed Churchill man ( And why, pray tell, does he have the right to have his identity protected?) has also been charged with possessing child pornography. Police are going to extraordinary lengths to protect him, with a court ban stopping anyone reporting on who he is or even hinting at his identity.

Victorian Fire Det Sen-Sgt Adam Shoesmith of the Arson Squad said the man had been arrested in a public place (here is hoping nowhere near any children!!!!) and went without a struggle. OK, OK, I shall reserve my total judgment on the suspect in respect of our laws, innocent until proven guilty… blah, blah, blah, but it sure feels good to vent! If found guilty he could face a maximum of 25 years (but we all know that wont happen!). I hope Mr Rudd’s “rot in jail” comment was not just political rhetoric! Lets do the sums people, 1 arsonist = 21 people burnt to a crisp and 2 – 3 arsonists = 300 people burnt to a crisp and 1 million animals vaporized. Who is protecting whom?

UPDATE: The ban on naming of the alleged Churchill Arsonist has been lifted and we can now reveal that he is Brendan Sokaluk. But the Looners already knew that. Sorry guys his MySpace page is no more (probably a good thing).

QUICK NOTE FROM THE FRIGGIN LOON: I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this posting. I must say it has been an interesting collection of thoughts, ideas, opinions and debate.I would like to make special mention of the fact that not one person has taken aim at family or friends of the alleged arsonist nor given details of addresses etc (for which you should be proud). I hope collectively we can move on from this better people.Oh and don’t forget after your venting to donate if you can. RSPCA or Red Cross.

Check out what a Baptist Minister in America had to say about the Victorian fires…Friggin Fred Phelps (make your friggin blood boil).

I’M JUST SAYING : Kaz has just informed the Loons that the alleged arsonist’s Myspace page lists Kevin Rudd as a friend! I checked, it is true!!!!! I am sure he will be unimpressed!

Kev will hate that!

Kev will hate that!


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134 responses to “Friggin Arsonists

  1. Sue Dietrich

    I wasn’t protected from him but he gets protection from me?

    I am in a fragile state too. I am sleep deprived and have been scared out of my mind. I have watched my students and neighbours lose everything. No one protected us from him. If he is guilty, I hope he rots in jail.

    • Sue, on behalf of all the looners we wish you well and we wish you strength. Please pass on our thoughts and prayers to all of your students and neighbors. How can anyone sleep knowing that he is being funded by taxpayers of Australia. Thank you for taking time to comment.

  2. Ann

    Hmm, I think he should be burned at the stake publicly and then he’ll know how it feels first hand. In the USA he’d be executed . Our laws are way to lenient . This guy is as fragile as Arthur Freeman, WHAT !!! give us all a break! Because he was caught, that’s why he’s fragile.

    • frigginloon

      Hi Ann, great to hear from you. Oh yes, we are firing on all cylinders on this one. So much for Rudd’s “rot in jail” rhetoric. Watch this guy get all the taxpayer funded lawyers and protection he needs. Watch them say he wont get a fair trial blah, blah, blah. AND goodness knows what he has been up to with child pornography.
      On another note I was going to wish you all the best today for the Darcey bridge walk. I am not sure if it went ahead, what with all the bushfire tragedies etc. But I did set aside a few minutes to remember her short life.

  3. Taryn

    Ha yea fragile state. He is only in a fragile state coz the sick bastard got caught. Before he was caught he would have been laughing behind closed doors. I hope he suffers for the rest of his life for what his done. I’d personally love to cover him with petrol and light a match…I’m sure he wouldnt be laughing then.

  4. So outrageous, I have no words. Sue, we are all sending you the most positive thoughts..everyone of us!

  5. suzanne

    dear loon, heres an ideal punishment that also has some community benefit – most of the bricks left after the fires could be reused, how about this idiot spends the rest of his life, (and i mean the rest), chipping the mortar off these bricks so they can be used for rebuilding. come to think of it send every arsonist caught in aust to join him. maybe after 50yrs of this it might just sink in that the thrill caused by lighting fires just wasn’t worth it. my greatest sympathies to all affected by the fires.

  6. Suzanne is a woman of my own heart. I like her idea!

  7. Mark

    Justice yeah what justice he is going for insanity plea i bet!

    Just hope the other inmates get him But i would prefer seeing him burnt on a stack and let him feel what its like! Oh and then put the flames out so he can live with the pain of burns it in jail…………….

  8. vendetta

    Someone should put this “psychologically unwell” mistake of life out of his (and other peoples’) misery but torture his sorry arse for info on the other arsonists that were involved in this, however Australian law is way too soft on pricks like this and that will never happen, hey they won’t even reveal his name because of the possible vengeance that could be taken on him or his family. I cannot believe how stuffed up this whole ordeal is going to become… Only time will tell. I do believe in the words of my school motto “truth is great and will prevail”. My condolences to grieving families and to the injured, recover strong and healthy. Keep up the good work Firies you will conquer these blazes!

  9. Dan

    The suspected arsonist arrested is Brendan Sokaluk, 39 years old, of Hazelwood, Victoria.

  10. Sandra

    As one who was under direct threat from these fires I am ropable. The fires are still going why not pick him up on one of the choppers, dangle the mongrel over the fire for an hour or so before dropping him in the middle of it. He does not deserve to breath the beautiful air of this country. Jail is way too good for him. He’ll get fed for free, get an education, and get paid for working. How is that justice for all the lives, homes & animals lost.

  11. Ann

    I agree with those sentiments. The States have much tougher penalties and although it doesn’t stop them, they go away for longer, or FOREVER in some extreme cases. Just hand him over to the people who lost their loved ones.WE are far too tolerant and very quick to label them mentally ill. He was living among these people he killed and seemed to cope with his mental illness then. It’s a huge blight on society keeping mongrels like this.

  12. Ann

    Hi Friggin loon no it didn’t go ahead as the venue proved to be too small so it is going to be planned for a later date with a carnival atmosphere. Rides, stalls , the works. They are calling for volunteers so we will see what they require and offer our time. I’m sure it will happen sooner than later.
    People are still leaving floral tributes there so Darcey will never be forgotten. I’m sure a plaque of some description will eventually be placed there also. Hasn’t the last couple of weeks been hell on earth? Where is it going to end?

    • frigginloon

      Ann, after seeing the arsonists profile on a social networking site I can’t understand why anyone would want to protect him. What an awful few weeks for Victoria.

  13. woody

    Sokaluk!!! i bet if he lives in jail he’ll doing heaps of sukalot. My bro and his better half lost everything at Callignee and poor little Brendan Suksomcok is having a breakdown because he got caught. let the survivors deal with him.

  14. kaz

    why is kevin rudd listed as a friend on Brendan Sokaluk myspace page?????

  15. John In TARDIS

    Can we have a public burning of this guy? Slow burning first his feet, then his legs, then his body, so he feels every moment of this

  16. Kerri

    Heroes my heroe is mother earth with out her we all would be dead.

    This was on its MySpace page-can you believe it!!!!!
    May he rot in hell

  17. Kerri

    Has anyone else checked out the girl he talks about on his myspace page under general interests {Alexandra} She was badly burnt as a kid and is a CFA volunteer!!!!!! One way of getting her attention I suppose-sicko

  18. Kerri

    and her dogs name is Pyro

  19. My Way

    They should make him gather all those bricks…..

    and brick him to death

  20. John

    And if he’s innocent you will have been talking about someone who didn’t do what he’s accused of doing. Think about that.

  21. John

    You did mention “innocent until proven guilty” but I’m meaning it in a slightly different way – that he might actually be a person who is entirely innocent and subsequently found not guilty – in other words, “innocent until not proven guilty”.

    • frigginloon

      Yep, John you are right. But I have faith that the police would not have arrested him if they didn’t have some good reason. People need to vent. I trust my readers are intelligent, community spirited people who just need to express their anger. I am hoping he is innocent because if he isn’t, well god help him. And thanks John for being brave enough to voice your opinion, much appreciated

  22. Mick

    Exactly John – why don’t you mouth breathers chill the f*** out and wait for the trial to conclude before voicing your stupid opinions on what ‘justice’ should be invoked for this case. The guy has been charged, he will stand trial. IF he is found guilty (remember, that thing we call the legal system, which our society is based upon?) then he will be dealt with accordingly, like Martin Bryant.
    And so what if Rudd friended him on myspace? exactly what does that have to do with anything?

  23. john

    girl burnt and disfigured as child. regains sense of control and social engagement by joining cfa.

    girl meets guy.

    people are happy.

    girl meets someone else (suppose through cfa…) and supposedly sleeps with same.

    guy gets mad. posts nasty comments on myspace.

    guy still feels mad. starts a bloody huge fire and burns a fuckload of people to death.

    ain’t love in the shallow end of the gene pool grand.

  24. I linked to your story at Worldwide Liberty blogspot.

    Eric – USA

  25. Aida White

    When I saw the name, I thought “Is he from the middle-East?” Then, I went to his myspace and he clearly stated that his ethnicity as white Caucasian. So, all immigrants can give a big sigh relief now.

  26. Here’s the link. Libertarian Republican is my other site.

    BTW, hits to WL have suddenly shot up through the roof. As I imagine you’ll be getting a HUGE hit jump here shortly.

    Looks like on the entire Blogosphere we are only three Blogs covering the release of his name.

  27. There’s some question as to whether his name is Sokaluk or Solaluk. The AP here in the States is reporting the latter, while the Aussie press is reporting the former.

  28. Katie C

    I can honestly say I have never hated anyone in my life. UNTIL Brendan Sokaluk came along. He has destroyed peoples properties, emotions and LIVES. He should be burnt, then put out and then all the victims should be able to stone him! harsh, yet he deserves it!

  29. Justice


    He is considered innocent until proven guilty. If you make a lynch mob out of this, justice won’t be done properly and he can likely get off because the media ran the case rather than the police.

    If you want this guy convicted, please hold back and let the law take its correct course.

  30. Mick

    Why was I searching for his name? To, err I dunno, find out more on the subject of this guy maybe? You’re shitty blog came up first so I regrettably clicked the link. And here we are.

    Googling his name =! want to find his house and kill him. righto good sir, righto.

    ill go back to my knitting, you go back to being a moron with a blog. keep up the good ranting.

  31. Mark

    Maybe He is innocent of lighting the fires until proven guilty but he had child porn on his computer which is evidence alone so either way he is a sicko!!!

  32. John In TARDIS

    Well if it is proven he is guilty can we slow burn him part by part?

  33. Jera

    First, a bit of background to let you know where I’m coming from: I was nine when my parents’ property was completely destroyed in the Ash Wednesday fires of 1980 in the Adelaide Hills. Fortunately, the one thing left standing was our house so we were able to continue our lives in a relatively normal manner. But back then there was no compensation even when it was discovered that the fire had started on council owned and managed property. Three years later we faced the same threat again with Ash Wednesday II and the irony (for me) was that I was relocated to a friend’s place which was under more threat than my parents (you can never really predict where these fires will go when they create their own weather systems). Part of my friend’s parents’ property was destroyed as well as some livestock killed. We also witnessed the horror of watching three cars burning with the occupants still inside.

    Many years later I relocated to Victoria to live on a beautiful 26-acre bush block at Humevale on the old road to Kinglake West. The house I lived in was built by school kids as part of a school project. An excellent concept in instructing kids first-hand on how houses are built but I knew that this house should never have been built as it was one huge tinderbox within a tinderbox forest. Although it was off the grid and relied solely on rainwater (or rather, trucked in water during the summer) every aspect of it would require serious reconsideration if it were to be built again in that area. But hey, the rent was cheap – $600 pcm! I am eternally grateful that I moved out when I did and got to enjoy the true joy of the bush and not to relive the horror (although I now live with the sadness of knowing some of my former neighbours have perished). I tell you, it never really goes away when that smell, the colour of the sky, the crazy winds and heat come on those days.
    So, yes, I totally empathise with the feeling of giving that accused arsonist his just desserts. I mean, we could get totally medieval on the bastard. Blowtorch every appendage just enough to do some damage. Let it heal and then do it all over again, 21 times over. If he survives that then get him to do those bricks as Suzanne suggested. The people in the shops and where I work have not held back their absolute disgust and what they would do if they got hold of him. But that’s the thing, it is just so medieval. I’m no Buddhist but I do get inspiration from the Dalai Lama and his position. Did he call for the head of Mao Tse Tung after the wholesale slaughter of his people? Of course not. He called for other measures in ensuring that he and his community had a right to life in a harmonious way. The only problem with that is that it takes time and he may not even be around to witness the end result (well, his reincarnation will but let’s not digress!). It will take time to deal with this and there will be a vast number of reforms I think that will occur as a result of this seriously unfortunate event.

    So…the guy gets convicted and spends 25 years in climate-controlled comfort at our expense. Ok, I’m not entirely happy with that but that’s the current system but it’s not a fixed system, it does change. Going back to hangings and executions just doesn’t cut it for me – if anything because it’s just too quick a punishment! Having said that, I wouldn’t worry over any ‘accidents’ that he may experience while behind bars. Like I said, I’m no Buddhist.

    • Hi Jera, thank you so much for sharing your story. Wow you have seen your share of fires! You know, sometimes just putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboards and letting out your anger is therapy enough. Let it out people, it clears that rage. You know, we shouldn’t be made to feel bad about having these thoughts, it is only natural and healthy.

  34. Mark

    frigginloon yes i have posted to vent my anger I’ve had 4 friends loose their homes in that area lucky so not to have lost a friend.

    But yes i have vented by posting and yes i agree the police would have to have some sort of proof to arrest him even if its just the child porn they found on his Computer.

    I see that his My space has been deleted.

    Thanks for giving us a place to vent our anger and frustration.

    • frigginloon

      Your welcome Mark. You, like Sue and other Looners, have all been affected in so many different ways. We can only imagine half of what you are going through. Giving you a platform to share your stories and to vent is something little we can do. Sometimes it is enough just to know people care. We wish only the very best for you and your friends.

  35. your a dickhead.

    he deserves to have his name protected because the media is going to harrass the family which they do not deserve. OH YEAH BEING CHASED BY A HELICOPTER IS NECESSARY. Um obviously if he is metally ill, that affects everything. You know nothing of the freaking matter so why dont you shutup? You know nothing about him, obviously if he doesnt understand the extent of what he has done he should be in a psychiatric facility not a jail. Get your facts right before you start talking. The family has nothing to do with it, i hope you grow a brain before you speak again.

  36. Daniel

    Yeah, go and sting him up yourself, why don’t you? Enough of this mindless rant! The law protects all of us – you, me and him. It’s there for a purpose. Don’t you know any history? Don’t you know you what can happen to innocent people when totalitarian regimes don’t like the cut of their jib? Why are you portraying yourself as an ignorant, midless buffoon? We know you really aren’t like that don’t we?

  37. Baxter Sin

    I just wantered through your blog after looking at the press coverage the Brendan Sokaluk case.

    That your blog is a place for people to vent their anger and articulate their wishes is not unreasonable. What is unreasonable is that Sokaluk is at the moment not guilty of anything at all.

    The people who are calling for the most awful things to be done to the arsonist (remember, it’s not Sokaluk until he’s convicted), and you too frigginloon, would be the first to start a revolution if what you say actually happens. Would you turn Australia into a place like Rwanda where the rule of law is determined by who can out-kill and out-torture the other buffoons? Where just a suspicion can get you necklaced.

    We are all protected by the law whether you like it or not. And if you don’t like it, get yourself elected and change the laws.

    While I understand the collective anger, I do not condone actions outside the law. That includes defamation, slander, libel and opinions that are at best offensive, at worst incite to violence.

    Give it a rest, boys and girls. This is the stuff that doesn’t make you look too bright.

    • Baxter Sin, thank you for commenting. I have made it very clear that the law states “innocent before proven guilty”. Please don’t mistake people’s venting for actions. If you remove freedom of speech you also create the environment in which you refer to in Rwanda. I would just as quickly condone anyone who acted against the family or even the suspect himself. In fact my heart goes out to his family and to the people who have been implicated by association (for them it is a whole different type of hurt). But by withholding comment it only enrages people more.

  38. Sagacity61

    If this man can’t be tried by an unbiased jury – then surely the government must legislate to allow being tried by a panel of judges or magistrates.
    Same thing happened with Queensland Pedophile Ferguson – can’t be tried because everyone has heard prejudicial comment (this ruling has since been overturned).
    Tribunals have worked well in France for many decades.

    • frigginloon

      Hi ya Saga City 61. Yes, Arthur Dantes was another in Western Australia who was tried by a judge. I think it will probably come to that.

  39. Anonymous

    I hope everybody realises that posting all these comments makes it less likely that he will ever stand trial. The High Court said in 1992 that “one cannot exclude, as a matter of law, the possibility that an extreme or singular case might arise in which the effect of a sustained media campaign of vilification and prejudgment is such that, notwithstanding lapse of time and careful and thorough directions of a trial judge, any conviction would be unsafe and unsatisfactory by reason of a significant and unacceptable likelihood that it would be vitiated by impermissible prejudice and prejudgment. In such a case, a permanent stay may be granted.”

  40. Ann

    For the person who asked , ‘where does be originate from? I had a look and I think it’s a Polish name so his parents may be migrants, However, he is back in the slammer so that speaks volumes. He’s not ill, he’s evil. I’m sure he knew what he was doing. He’s a misfit who needs the full force of the law to come upon him and I’m pretty sure he’s get what’s coming to him one way or another.. I laughed tonight when the Nine News said that is name had now been released LOL

  41. ThreeBears

    I’ve seen a lot of comments about all of this “the law will triumph” type crap. Do you really think that or that he’s going to get a fair trial with all the media hype and his name being released? I seriously doubt it. He’ll get lynched even if he didn’t do it. He’s now branded as an arsonist irrespective of what the judge says. The public simply want someone to blame and rightfully so.

    Question: What if the fires were started by someone who simply dropped a cigarette butt out of a moving car? It happens every day.

    I’d have to say the people to blame in all of this are still the government and the fact that they should have upgraded our inadequate fire plans years ago, spent more money on fire trucks and equipment and PAID people to fight the fires or have them on standy (like the Army is now having to do to fill the breach of inadequate civil services).

    Irrigation might just help work as a barrier against these types of fires. Might empty half a dam to stop it but at the same time, it might just effect a barrier to assist with getting everything under control. Creating a wall of water tends to deter fires somewhat and at least contains it. Run some big ol pipelines around areas that are potentially hazardous.

    Now, back to the topic at hand, cast your mind back to the OJ Simpson trials. The guy was as guilty as sin but he got let off; why? The public said he was innocent and the judge went along with public sentiment because it was easier. Do you think it’s going to be any different with this one even though it’s closer to home?

    This Brendan guy has been branded as an arsonist by the public so don’t you think public opinion isn’t going to sway the opinions of judges and jury? Even if the guy didn’t do it, he’s done it in the eyes of the public, therefore he’s guilty anyway.

    People just want someone to blame.

    Just as an example, and it has nothing to do with the fires, my father has recently lost a $2 million dollar investment to do with a resort and a group of scammers deciding amongst themselves and creating falsified records to change the ownership and divide up the spoils amongst themselves their own shares and do you know what could be done about it by ASIC, judges, the Australian Federal Police or the Fraud squad? NOTHING AT ALL! Why, because the records all appeared in order and the right people were paid off. Talk about corruption at the highest level. He’s 63 and has just lost everything as well. There is no Red Cross appeals fund for that though, is there? Fair, isn’t it?

    What does he do for his retirement now? Work as a cleaner? You don’t know what I want to do to them. He hadn’t even done anything to them.

    Anyway, I’d just like to say that what people do to you and your family doesn’t make you the same as them and I’d like to say that I truly feel for the losses of the people that have been affected, be it losing friends, family or possessions, in the fires. One of the guys I work with has lost everything in the Kinglake fires.

    I also went through the fires 10 years ago in Mt Dandenong where the firest got to 500m away from us so I know what it’s like to be in 4 woolen jumpers running up and down the roof of a house carrying buckets of water on a 40 degree day and having no tank water; not a pleasant experience.

    Anyway, don’t be foolish enough to think that this guy isn’t going to get away with it. Worst case is he will go to jail and cost the taxpayers money. He’ll probably spend the rest of his life in protection too.

    If he did it, yes I agree he deserves to rot and it seems that people at the moment want to throw stones at someone but what if he didn’t do it and is simply just a sick deluded freak that is downloading some kiddie porn? You’d be lynching him for what again? Downloading some photos (sick though they may be) with his sick fantasies that he’s hopefully never enacted and and a fire he didn’t commit.

    Anyway, maybe put yourself in this guys shoes for a minute. He might have done it yes and the trial will tell us soon enough the outcome, but what if he didn’t? By lynching the guy you’d be ruining his and his family’s life and reputation which already has been anyway just because of the accusations. The’d never be able to live a normal life again anyway due to the fact that in the minds of some, even if he’s found innocent, he’ll still be “that guy that started the fires in Churchill”.

    As many of you have said as well, he hasn’t been proven guilty so until then, put yourself in his shoes as someone who hasn’t even been convicted yet and picture how he might feel; it would be the least any of us as humans would expect from one another, a fair and just trial.

    If it does turn out that he did do it then I say lynch the prick for all he’s done.

  42. steve

    hitler was green and his followers carried shovels and planted trees before they carried guns and burned people.Modern day greenies are no different,they worship”mother earth”,believe a genocide or two is a good thing and care not for the welfare of others for they are self righteous and lazy.Myspace is the recruitment tool for the modern day “hitler youth”.There people can “express” themselves without those pesky restraints such as morals or social responsibility, and feel like individuals even though they are giving away forever copyright to their lives to some faceless corporation.Can you think of a mass killer in the last few years who didn’t have a myspace page?

    • frigginloon

      Steve thanks 🙂

    • Lots of environmentalists care about people and want them to live in a healthy environment. I’m not a rabid greenie myself, but to generalize is wrong. Hitler was a good artist. Are all artists Nazis?
      Hitler liked animals. Are all people who love animals ready to become Nazis? No.

    • No government should have the right to kill someone regardless. Would y’all really set fire to someone and watch him burn a slow and painful death screaming. Sure he deserves it, but we are humans. If he really is so crazy he didnt know what he was doing, he needs to be institutionalized. I kinda bet that he knew what he was doing though, so prison is right. Sociopaths know what they do is wrong by knowing what will happen if caught, but they just don’t care. On the other hand, if he’s schizophrenic, it’s possible he didn’t know. One guy here who has schizophrenia still was convicted b/c he had shown planning and fear of getting caught, proving he knew what he was doing.
      Everyone deserves a defense and a fair trial too.

  43. Ann

    Oops sorry for the errors guys. I have a keyboard with some sticky keys and I always forget to check the grammar and spelling. I must get a new one next time I go shopping. It’s not like they cost the earth I just keep forgetting, lol.


  44. Courtney

    All I have to say about this is:

    I feel for all the victims of this fire, and the firies as well.

    This Arsonist, when goes to trial, what will happen to him then. If I was called as a juror I can be sure I would not be impartial and I don’t know anyone who could or would be, it seems the general consensus is that everyone wants to kill this man, and I am included in this chain of though (even though I know I could never actually kill him, I have like everyone else, thought about it) So if he gets a stay then what? He gets out? As hard as it is to imagine would he not be better off in a loony farm than on the street??

  45. Ann

    I make it a point to never read anything signed “anonymous”

  46. shaneshaw

    Give me the f***** lighter and and will burn the bastard Brendan Sokaluk . It is time that society and the courts hand justice back to the people.

  47. gippy

    I don’t know if bloke is innocent or guilty.

    I do believe if he in fact did start the fire and anyone knew that he had, they should also be imprissoned.
    One thing I am tired of is the defence,,, broken family, mental problem,, alcohol,,, drugs.

    Its a persons choice to participate in drugs and alcohol.

    Its their choice which direction to head if from a broken home.
    The mental bit though is technical however,,they will never take medication so should be locked away forever and never released,,

    Why should we be put in fear from the above type of persons.
    What about our safety.
    Both my parents are from broken homes and they never became bad persons.

    As some one said,,, innocent until proven guilty..
    the only problem being that, they may have carried out the act but found innocent due to mental incapacity.

    Then again,, he may be innocent..

    Until evidence comes out, and not circumstantial evidence,,,guilt cannot be ascertained by media hype and innuendo…
    The facts must be open to determine the guilt or innocence of the party..

    I am from the Gippsland area in question and hope the guilty person is locked away forever with no ccontact with any other imprisoned person and solitary confinement till the day of death,
    contact with warders virtually nil.

  48. Cynic

    funny world we live in, a clown can allegedly kill 21 people in an arson attack, and i say allegedly because our police believe they have enough of a case against him, yet he has not being found guilty in a court of law yet.., yet bloggers are not supposed to have an opinion on such a person. We are supposed to sit in silence and watch the mockery we call our judicial system slap him on the wrist , and then probably give him a whole new identity for his own safety after he serves his time. i havent seen one blogger or poster threaten his family, thats not the done thing, yet one cant blame people for being angry and venting their opinions about such a person surely?
    Whats with all this secrecy within our judicial system these days. Apparently our legal system thinks we are not astute enough to handle the truth of many subjects, just as our media often reports but doesn’t allow comments in many stories.

    a little notice story this last week was the Stackpole farce. Son of Keith had all drug charges dropped in a mysterious fashion , again no public comments allowed , yet our judicial system thinks itself balanced and fair.

    • frigginloon

      Ah Cynic, thank you. I take pride in my fantastic bunch of Looners. Not one person has mentioned his family. I would not approve such bad behavior and nor would my readers. But I do want an open and honest forum, where people can freely discuss how they feel at the time. I must say I have thought about adjusting my original post because it was written in a moment of anger. But because of the honest and openness of my readers I didn’t. I know it may have offended some readers but I think the responses have been diverse and interesting and have produced an interesting tapestry of emotions and opinions. All comments are read before I allow them on my blog. I try to be fair to all and only reject posts which are unprintable.

  49. Cynic

    oops got that name wrong its catchpole not stackpole here is the link,,24141548-5001021,00.html

    can u fix the original post please or just not publish it

    ta Cynic

  50. John In TARDIS

    Hey Anonymous.

    Where else can people vent about this online if they can’t write on a blog like this?

    I don’t think comments here will, or should effect the outcome of the court case. There’s no reason they should.

  51. John In TARDIS

    Reading the article about the drugs case all I got the impression of is that if you are famous, or part of a famous family the law does treat you different then if you were an ordinary joe on the same charges.

    Why is that?

  52. Onewhowishes

    No words can really express the devastation. Don’t get me wrong.We need to look at the big picture. Blame,finger pointing,acusations, wont bring back the people,places or the wildlife. Lets spend our energy on what really counts. BUMS UP HEADS DOWN. We have a crisis to deal with. This can not be fixed with any magic wand, just good old AUSSIE tradition. Lets stand out from the rest of the world. Lets stand together and give the pride back to the Aussie digger who fort and who died for this our country. Lets continue rebuilding homes and communities. We need to be there for those worth our thoughts. As for any person or persons caught now. Make them attend the area untill trial. Make them work in the community they destroyed. Every able man, women, teenager should be part of the rebuilding. As for after an eye for an eye. do to others as you would have done to you. I guess he wanted to burn on a stake,
    slightly cooked, then placed in the desert without water. left to see mother nature to be unforgiving. And the wild life to get to be part of a slow and crule end.


  53. Rattis

    Capital Punishment needs to be brought back for idiots who cause this much damage. I could think of many ways to make the guy and others who started these fires feel the pain.

    I say cremate them alive, but put it on a nice slow burn.. or even boil them alive. Jail is too good for these people.

    End of the day if he goes to prison its us the tax payers who pay for him to be in jail.

    All his assets should be sold and the money donated to the fire relief fund.

    I know personally if i ever caught a fire bug he would be worse for wear before i would call the police.

  54. Ann

    No matter what kind of hype the media or the public come up with if he’s guilty he’s guilty If he got off because of that then our judges and jurors would be the laughing stock and they in turn will find themselves in a very HARD PLACE. The magnitude of this crime far outweighs the sentiments that the jurors may feel because of what is written. If this is the case they they shouldn’t be there. I think the people who have lost loved ones , homes, livelihoods will not just sit back and accept something like that. I know I won’t and I’m only emotionally affected by these fires. Once again I state not all criminals are mentally ill, there are some evil people among us.
    Take if from me, my brother is a criminal lawyer and has dealt with some pretty bad eggs who he even described at best as just pure scum. My problem with his profession is that he has to try his best to get these low lives a shorter sentence. I’ve told him he’s a liar not a lawyer. Throw away the keys and let them decay in jail.

  55. Cynic

    The issue is evolving into big brother wants to silence opinion. Amusingly Victoria police have no problems with media outlets printing the details of their beloved arsonist, nor allowing comments on their news reports, yet a blogger expressing an opinion is just not on. I bet they cant wait until the internet filter comes in so they can just censor anything they do not like.,21985,25066198-661,00.html

  56. dave

    Its quite simple, chop off his hands and he wont do it again. If this deterant is put in place arsonists will know the consequences and crime like this will be lessened to a great degree but lawyers and judges wont make as much money from it [seagulls]. Its time to cull the population of the insane because it puts other lives at risk. If the Law wont take drastic measures the people will, which will happen and that is what the authorities are afraid off. Cull the media as well because they glorify and give attention to those sickos who know they will be famous and finally get all the attention they desire.

  57. Sally

    I agree with Dave, chop the bastards hands off so he can never do it again… He should serve capital punishment for what he has done!!!!
    Why should he get put in jail and have a life in there without some form of punishment… Put him on a hook and light a fire under him let him burn like all the decent people who lost their life in these bushfires…
    There is no excuse for insanity to do what this wierdo has done!!!!!!!!

  58. Jera

    You know in some ways I wish we had some of the freedoms of the US. The concept of freedom of expression is one which allows a whole range of loons to publicly state their case and here we are and the papers say ‘it’s the cyber-world equivalent of angry mobs forming outside court, hurling abuse’ (Michael Pearce, SC, 17/2/09, p4 The Age). Ummm, what exactly is wrong with that? Is it not human nature to vent out this frustration? At the end of WW2, Nazi supporters in France were dragged through the streets of their towns and had their heads shaved in public. I don’t know if some were killed, perhaps some were, but at least the perpetrators were publicly identified and shamed. And this happened in living memory.
    Now we’re being told that this on-line venting may jeopardise the case. Say what? Have we totally gone over the other side of PC that we have to sit on our hands and whistle some insipid tune and act as if nothing has happened?
    Tears I cry! (I’m being very tongue in cheek PC here ’cos it kind of rhymes with Jesus Christ)

    • frigginloon

      Hi Jera, nice point and lets not forget our Prime Minister called the arsonist’s “Mass Murderers” and they “should rot in jail”. What’s the bet he is thinking exactly the same thoughts as many of the bloggers?

  59. El Jefe

    I don’t know whether the bloke id guilty, but what is truly terrifying are some of the comments here. There are some truly ****ed up people in the world…
    Though the genuinely dense (see Sally) still amuse me with comments like “He should serve capital punishment for what he has done!!!!” Yet another example of our failing education system.
    Worst still is that these misguided internet warriors are helping to possibly free the suspect before he even gets to trial. Keep the hype up and watch his legal team successfully argue the fact that he could never hope to get a fair trial.
    And it’ll be on the heads of all the weirdos that posted their rubbish on this site and the others like it.
    Think. Please, think.

    • frigginloon

      Hmm, El Jefe the last time I checked Australia was a democracy. Ooh and yes we have freedom of speech. Gee, isn’t silencing of the people called a dictatorship? Our judicial system allows for special circumstance trials eg Dante Arthurs. It was always going to be a close trial the moment our Prime Minister spoke of his anger. So I don’t know what you are boo hooing about. You have a right to an opinion like everyone else. So let everyone speak and stop blaming bloggers. Before we had the internet the same type of venting happened, it isn’t anything new and it hasn’t stopped high profile cases proceeding or being dismissed.

  60. Cynic

    There is a big difference in saying they should chop off his hands as a deterrent to making threats to do exactly that. The media and police are miscontruing these comments for purposes unknown, probably so they can justify the impending net filter. I would suggest they are perverting our legal system with their attempts to keep these comments offline.

    i still havent seen one direct threat yet , maybe i am not looking hard enough.

    • frigginloon

      No Cynic you are right. People are acting as if this is the first high profile friggin case in the world. Get over themselves Dantes, the Birnies, Milat, Murdoch the list goes on, all had fair trials despite community backlash. The only one I would put a big question mark over was Lindy Chamberlain. She got hammered but the law was changed accordingly.

  61. jesse

    I agree that this guy should be treated harshly if he is guilty – that is a big IF. It is right and proper that he isn’t tried in the media – I mean to say, do you REALLY trust the police to always get it right? Do you really think they are that competent?
    Trying him in the media can only hurt the case against him. It wouldn’t be the first time that the courts have decided that the publicity means that somebody can’t get a fair trial. Wait until we know that the cops haven’t made another appalling cock up before making up your minds hey? Sure you are angry but how about using your brains instead of blindly following your emotions. If he’s found guilty then vent your spleens as much as you like – now is not the time.

  62. Ann

    We can vent our spleen here is we so wish to do so, that is entirely up to us. The media have a job of reporting the facts and the can do so too. He’s also into kiddie porn and that is DEFINITELY a no no. Little children don’t need men having sex with them in any shape or form. That alone disgusts me.
    This man is scum and when he’s inside he won’t be safe either. That my dear is the way of the world. Nice men don’t watch other men having sex with children. This is one thing he won’t get away with.

    • frigginloon

      Hello there Ann, want a little bit of light relief? Check out my latest post Knit One Purl One For a Chook. Don’t you just love life!

  63. Unfortunately Ann our system does not represent community expectations when it comes to child porn. Just take a look at the long list of priests that virtually get away with, or receive minimum jail sentences for their hideous acts. Jail time, for these obnoxious creed, involves separation from the mainstream, where any retribution would be most likely and they can congregate and compare notes on how to continue their vile passion. So if he gets jail for the child porn, its more like attending child porn university, with meals, accommodation and all.

    Jesse there is a big difference between trial via media and bloggers posting their opinion about him. it is with interest i note 99 % of information pertaining to this person comes is published in media outlets, prior to bloggers having an opinion. Will the police protest the Herald suns right to report also??

    No blogger could possibly know the prosecution case against this person , so the claims by Vic police and those criticising bloggers are truly preposterous. The notion that the case against this person can be swayed by the opinions of bloggers is ridiculous, and frankly i am rather peeved at Vic police for suggesting as such. It is however a scenario, they will use to promote, the for case, pertaining to the impending internet filter , albeit a false supposition at that.
    The time is coming in Australia when we will not be able to express our opinions freely and that is something to be scared of.
    Meanwhile until the system introduces the planned censorship, bloggers have every right to express their opinions, however they choose, so long as they do so within the legal requirements of our land, which i would suggest we are doing.

  64. If he is found guilty then of course the guy is mentally ill. How could he be seen in any other way, because people with their all their marbles don’t possess child porn or commit arson. A person with no empathy or sense of responsibility = sociopath.

    How are they going to actually prove he started the fires? It seems like an almost impossible task to me, unless they have actual witnesses. Which of course begs the question of why they (the witnesses) didn’t do anything to stop him.

    Which brings me to the irony of the fact that he was caught with child porn which is something that’s pretty easy to prove.

    I’m sure there’s a lot more to this story than we the public, know about and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    Baying for someone’s blood when all the facts aren’t in, isn’t helping anybody.

  65. John In TARDIS

    Hey Friggin Loon .. Do you discuss other topics? is there a blog here about internet censorship and the ALP wanting to censor the net

    • frigginloon

      John in Tardis, 🙂 Isn’t it ironic that Kevin07 used the internet as a propaganda machine when he was running for Prime Minister but now wants to silence the critics. Hmm, no I haven’t written a post yet on internet censorship, but stand-by. I have however just finished a piece on a one of China’s top bloggers who was stabbed. Seems someone wasn’t happy with his political and social satire . Wouldn’t have been the Government now, would it?

  66. Jason

    His myspace profile is still cached in Google cache archive if you know how to find it. Even his picture is cached.

  67. suzanne

    hey, i’ve got an idea. how about we just refer to any arsonist as he/she who cannot be named? maybe that will keep the thought police and lawyers quiet for a while until they think up another excuse to silence us. no fair trial indeed!

  68. I think that the major concern about bloggers isn’t the discussion of the arsonist issue, it’s all the calls to violence to be done to someone who hasn’t yet had their day in court.

    Keep in mind this is a free country where we all have the right to a fair trail. Of course our freedom has limits (like we’re not allowed to burn down other people’s houses for instance) and one of the limits on our freedom of speech is that it’s illegal to incite violence towards others.

    We have the rule of law here in Australia and the protection from violence of suspected arsonists actually protects us all as a society. Just imagine what it would be like if every time somebody was charged with a crime, a lynch mob turned up?

  69. John In TARDIS

    Ta thanks I shall keep an eye on this site for your post on internet censorship Friggin Loon…… To add more fuel to this there has been about zero publicity about their plans.. Senator Stephen Conroy has said all but zilch in the public domain about the ALP wanting to censor the net.

    And it woun’t be the users that will do this but the ISP’s are supposed to do this which will slow broaadband speeds down and open it up to more attacks.

    But this is all another topic for your new discussion when you do it. Let’s stick to the arsonist topic.

  70. John In TARDIS

    Actually I might sign up and start my own rant. Sounds like fun hope you guys join in

  71. johnintardis

    OK hope you guys don’t mind but I did my first blog… Aaaaahh that was fun. 🙂

  72. Ann

    Johnintradis I read it and I thought there was already filters on Militant Islamist groups but I could be wrong. My daughter and I laughed last Friday as she’s an English teacher who gives her time once a week to help the less fortunate. One week it’s soup kitchen the next it’s tutoring Muslims who can hardly string a sentence together as it is. Last week she fronted up at the session wearing a Country Road Silk top which was quite lovely I thought and some light grey 3/4 slacks. She was asked by one of the Australian women running the show if she could cover up and not offend the Muslim girls who are covered from head to toe. I told her she should have stopped dead in her tracks and refused to do any tutoring. She did tutor but to the Vietnamese who struggle with the English language. I say, ‘When in Rome……..

    • frigginloon

      Hi Ann, I can’t wait until you get your own blog. Just to let you know Broadmoor are releasing Peter Sutcliffe (Yorkshire Ripper) claiming he is cured. Just this minute posted it!

  73. johnintardis

    Ann the thing isif you come you should be expected to assimilate into the rest of society and not set yourself apart from it.

    But too many people will see a comment like that and label it racist…. Sure keep your religion but don’t expect people around you to change their values and customs to accomoadate you..

  74. johnintardis

    How do I add you to my blog roll friggin loon

    • frigginloon

      Hi John in Tardis, you are doing well, blog is starting to take shape. To add to blog roll click “links” on left column then “add new”. Don’t forget to add tag cloud and latest comments on the left comments. You know how we all like to see our names in lights! When you get a little bit more daring have a look at all the different templates you can use. Let me know if you have any problems.

  75. suzanne

    dear loon, so sutcliffes dead is he? otherwise i’m wondering how on earth they can pronounce him cured, what tests do they do? throw him into a room of scantily clad women with a ball-pein hammer and see if he reacts?

  76. suzanne

    i hear that they have arrested another sub human. this time for flicking lighted cigarettes into long grass causing minor blaze that was (thankfully) easily extinguished. now i know the prick/ette who’s been knicking them off my front verandah!

  77. suzanne

    oh my god, have you heard what friggin fred phelps has to say? this baptist preacher from the good ol usa is letting he/she who must not be named off the hook! instead it is austs fault as a nation that the fires happened because god was pissed off at our loose morals, greed, godlessness. does this now mean we can’t mention god in case he doesn’t get a fair trial?

    • frigginloon

      LOL Suzanne 🙂 Does it also mean some of us may spontaneously combust?

      • frigginloon

        Hi ya Suzanne, your doing dandy. Thanks for the words of encouragement you’re not doing too badly on the humor front yourself. Oh and you can’t stuff up on this site it’s for the Friggin loon in everyone.

    • frigginloon

      Hi Suzanne, I just finished doing a post on the fool. Imagine confessing at their church, I’d end up in the inSINerator.

  78. johnintardis

    Fred Phelps is the reason some people should not be allowed to breed.

  79. johnintardis

    This bloggy thing is fun…….. have done another one….

  80. hey visit my blog again please….. I feel all lonely that no one visits hehe

    have done a new entry today too

  81. M

    I cant be bothered reading every comment here and im sure this debate “went out” long ago but since im trying to come to grips with your particular brand of irony I’ll ask a question.

    I just want to know if your complaints about taxpayers money being used to provide legal aid for an accused criminal were genuine or not?

    • frigginloon

      Hi M,
      Your quick. As I said in my other response, this was a spur of the moment post, which if I had to do again I would have been more articulate. Everyone has a right to legal aid and a fair trial or the system doesn’t work. My question at the time was, “how come he has been given special treatment?”. Were the victims paid the same courtesy?

      • M

        Thank you for your reply(s). You may have guessed already but I should come clean. I’m teaching a class on persuasive language and media bias to a high school class in Japan. Hence the sudden wave of comments to the Ogawa story this morning. I was trying to explain to my students how a simple news story can completely misrepresent a person or event, and the snowball effect it can have in the media. I suggested/co-erced them into making a comment on your site however I hope the original point, ie; that new stories so often fail to give us the all important context of a story, is not lost. I am quite proud of some of their comments, and the fact that they didn’t have time to read all the comments was my fault (damn 50 minute lessons)

        I wish there was some way to direct their anger at the AAP journalist responsible for the original article. (any suggestions more than welcome, I’d love to see my students get as involved as possible in debating media issues)

        Anyway, the other positive thing is that they have experienced a democratic debate in the “real” on-line world. So whether I personally agree with all of your opinions is neither here nor there.

        Good luck with your site, Lord knows bloggin aint easy!!!

      • frigginloon

        Hi M, I had my suspicions. Ah,I lived in Japan for 3 years…hated those Japanese summers. As you are well aware media is changing. Social media sites such as Twitter are delivering “breaking news” in real time.The whole “citizens journalism” is making it both harder and easier to find truth with in the story (maybe it is helping keep the journalists honest) . Bloggers, more and more are being held accountable for the words they write. Nearly all mainstream media groups online, are using blogging platforms because they realize that the real news lies within the comments now. Good thing bad thing…don’t know. But one thing is for certain, people’s voices are being heard. It is becoming less and less about advertisers and more and more about what the public want.
        M, thanks for stopping by and thank your students for the onslaught.

  82. Brad Fulham

    You idiots. He has been charged. Charged, thats all. Very simple people call for the gallows just because someone has been charged – not actually charged and found guilty. You can only properly comment if you sit through every day of the evidence. Yesterday once witness (upon which the prosecution rely) gave evidence that he believes the charged man did it because he has psychic intuition that he did it. That’s right, he didnt see him do it, he just had a ‘vision’ that he was responsible.

    He has not been given special treatment. His conditions in custody, whilst for his own safety (not because he is a serious risk to others) are lonely and deprived. Solitary lockdown and chained up for travel to and from court. Many very serious criminals from the underworld war had less stringent security.

    Have a think before you comment. This bloke just might be innocent. Remember a jury of 12 of us will decide. That’s right, a random selection of citizens. You might all be on a jury one day. You will be told to listen to the evidence, not the emotion. Why dont you give it a go now.

  83. Joannef

    Just had my housemate’s new house, which was at lock up, and many of our posessions in it set alight by arson. This was at 0230 2/10/10. I have read some of the comments. I like the US idea of death penalty for arsonists. Wish we had it here. The area I live in also has many substance abusers. Most of whom are no major problem, but around a dozen or so families are a real problem. Why cannot Australia take arson to the level that the US has taken this crime to? I have just recovered from the Black Saturday fires in Victoria. I was subjected to evacuation on many occasions. I thought that arsonists would have learnt, but this is not so. My township needs to be swept clean of criminal elements, but this is not happening. These arsonists need the fear of God installed in them. We are victims of criminals time and time again, who are not shut down. We need help. Both my housemate and I am scared of our rental being set alight by this arsonist tonight.

  84. It’s good that you took the time to write this, as it’s an issue
    that is very important to me. Is there any way I can speak to you?

    My name’s Maggie Flora and I’d get into this more deeply.

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