Dunne The Right Thing

Friggin scooter got no guts!

Friggin scooter got no guts!

Don’t worry Stanley it could have happened to anyone. 90 year old Stanley Murphy was just going to buy a newspaper on his zippy little mobility scooter when he took a wrong turn and ended up on the A27 in Shoreham, West Essex. Hmm, problem was his scooter could only manage 8mph. Slightly confused and disorientated Stanley just kept on going  in the middle of the slow lane despite cars whizzing past him at 70mph. Ah that was until a kindly motorist came to his rescue. Mr Dunne spotted the scooter chugging along in the lane and rang the police. In the meantime he followed behind with his hazard lights on to warn motorists of the wayward pensioner. When the police arrived Mr Dunne put the scooter onto his pick-up and delivered it safetly to Stanley’s home.All hail James Dunne. As for Stanley, he’s sticking to the off ramps in future.

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