Sex and Power Tools Dont Mix!

You Idiot!!!!!!

You Idiot!!!!!!

Oh ouch. OMG, a couple in Maryland decided to attach a sex toy to one of their power tools, a friggin sabre saw blade, just for something a little different (what the hell !). You can see where this is going, can’t you? Yep, whilst the man was using the kinky device on the women the saw cut through the toy (noooooooo!) . Hmm, next came the frantic 911 call. The injures were so bad she had to be flown to hospital. Oh dear god imagine the mess and imagine having to explain that injury later to family and friends!


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4 responses to “Sex and Power Tools Dont Mix!

  1. Ann

    How funny is that? My daughter’s father – in – law is a bowel surgeon and once had top remove a vibrator from some fat chicks bum (The back one lol) She asked them to make sure it wasn’t disposed of as she wanted it back to use again. They tried every which way to get it out but ended up operating on her to remove it.
    I always thought that that was an EXIT not an ENTRY. How embarrassing.

    When she woke up in was in a plastic bag on the trolley over her bed at the hospital

    • frigginloon

      OMG that is hilarious. Don’t they say you shouldn’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Hmm, maybe that should apply to all orifices?

  2. Ann

    I think I’d rather die than head off to hospital with something jammed up my butt (_!_)(fat ass) lol
    This is a sore ass (_*_)

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