He Came, He Raped, He Left

Daddy dearest Josef Fritzl is currently on trial.Color him evil. The creepy dude with the gravity defying hairdo and eyebrows, needn’t have hidden his face as he entered because everyone knows what he friggin looks like. Mr Fritzl is on trial for the repeated rape and 24 year imprisonment of his 4th daughter Elisabeth in a dungeon under his house in Austria. During that time Elisabeth gave birth to 7 of his children, one of which died soon after childbirth. His daughter was raped nearly everyday, he came, he raped, he left without  a word. She delivered her first child alone, except for a pair of scissors, a blanket and a book on pregnancy in the damp,18sqm rat infested hovel. Despite being allowed to keep 3 of her children in the dungeon, he continued to rape her in front of them on a daily basis, simply turning the light out. Punishment came in the form of turning the power off for days on end with no water, food or candles.Escape was not an option as he had convinced Elisabeth and the children the underground hovel was booby-trapped. Fritzl’s lawyer Rudolf Mayer insisted he was a  misunderstood man ( I kid you not) “He is a man who wanted a second family and wanted to care for that second family. If it was just rape, sexual pleasure, then he wouldn’t have wanted children. He could have used contraception.This is a man who slept in the cellar with his children and spent time with them over the Christmas period.”  Oh and it gets better “He could have killed his daughter and everybody else and enjoyed the rest of his life as a respectable man.” Oh dear god, send him to jail too!!!!!

UPDATE : In a surprise turn around daddy dearest has pleaded guilty to all charges. I guess he didn’t want to sit through any more evidence by his daughter! He will now spend his time in a psychiatric institution where he will still have the comforts of home…hmm well minus his daughter!

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