No Reason To Pine



I am sorry, but if you are lonely and want to satisfy yourself, please don’t use a pine cone, it is gonna hurt. A poor sex starved spinster from Belgrade has had to endure two hours of painful surgery to remove the offending article from her hmm ….you know what…after it became stuck. From all accounts Ms Gavaric is recovering well, though slightly embarrassed and still not satisfied. You wont be seeing that on an episode of Greys Anatomy anytime soon…but then again.

Afterthought: Mirjana Gavaric may want to consider becoming pen friends with the Maryland couple!

Thought to Ponder : If medical info is confidential and can only be released with the patients permission..what was she thinking???


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13 responses to “No Reason To Pine

  1. prairiepond

    Ok, even I’m not that lonely. But she does get style points for creativity. And bonus points for idiocy.


  2. prairiepond

    “cone head?”


    Good one!

  3. prairiepond

    Pine nuts?

  4. Ann

    Oooh not sooo silent! I wonder it it prickled?


  5. jammer5

    If she left it alone, it could grow into a mighty . . . oh, hell, never mind.

  6. Ann

    Ah yes I moved house and didn’t have my puta and I missed reading the posts. I now live in Altona Meadows among the CASHED UP bogans. lol
    Ah life is good. I have lunch on the beach, cake and coffee in a cafe called ‘Creme’. Walk Tillie my dog on the pier and chat to the fishermen about what they are or aren’t catching. All in all life is good.
    You are right, trust me to find this post,.I think since my daughter’s father in law is a bowel surgeon anything relating to bums seems to jump out an fascinate me. It must have been painful either inserting or removing. What’s wrong with some people? I think having to fess up would be the most painful part of all. By the way, did you watch The Castle on Tuesday night? I’ll be heading out that way tomorrow as I have to take my daughter and her husband to the airport. Ah it will bring back memories. The only plane I see in Altona is the small aircraft . watching over the beaches. They head off back to Avalon to refuel
    and buzz over us a couple of times a day. Magic!.

    • frigginloon

      Ah, you must miss the sound of airplanes in the morning….I have my own copy of The Castle so I can suffer in my jocks!!!

    • frigginloon

      Ah the CUB (Cashed up bogans) they are a dying breed I hear..BBQ’s, SUV and plasma’s all on eBay….

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