Happy Feet

And now our friggin heads are hot!

And now our friggin heads are hot!

Holy disposable chopsticks Batman, Tokyo sidewalks are going wooden. The 80ft experimental wooden sidewalk has been installed in Nihombashi district to see if it helps to keep pedestrians feet cooler during summer (dear god fingers crossed). The new sidewalk is made up of chipped thin cedar, a mixture of woodchips and cement and blocks made from thinned wood. Hmm, if successful I wonder what Lebanese forest will be destroyed to pave the whole of Tokyo? The Nihombashi Miyuki Street Road Experiment Association is hoping the new wooden footpaths will release heat faster than asphalt or concrete because we know how important it is to keep our feet cool during this time of global warming! Ooh and the sidewalks are said to be more aesthetically pleasing (what, nicer than concrete?) and whats more they let off a pleasant scent of cedar which is soothing to the pedestrian (and a distraction  from car fumes). Ooh and if they give Britain a ring they may find out where to order the eco friendly chewing gum so it doesn’t stick to the wooden blocks.

Geez I hope they are fire retardant. Could be a real bummer, no more happy feet!


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3 responses to “Happy Feet

  1. prairiepond

    Sounds like the old wild, wild west. Their sidewalks were made of wood, too. Everything old is new again?

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