I Swear Those Coyotes Barked At Me



Anyone who decides to put cardboard-cut-out coyotes in a park to scare off geese, so they will stop crapping all over the place, are just asking for trouble. As you could probably guess within a week the Southern Ontario park was minus the two coyote cutouts…vandals. Oh well, it was worth a try. Enter real story. Hmm, seems the case of the missing coyotes has been solved and it wasn’t no vandals. A jogger, out for an early morning run, had the bejeezus scared out of her when she came across the cutouts, believing them to be real. She sprinted to a construction site where she promptly told a worker a coyote had barked at her (no people, it wasn’t a wolf whistle, stay focused).The worker rang 911 and one thing lead to another and well, the cutouts are now sitting in the Sarnia police station (and have been for quite awhile). In the mean time the geese are having a ball pooping to their hearts content. Hey, its a slow news day!


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2 responses to “I Swear Those Coyotes Barked At Me

  1. Here in good ol’ Kansas, home on the range, it’s a law enforcement staple to put out life-like deer decoys then hide (in a safe place) and wait on poachers to take a shot.
    Works every time.

  2. prairiepond

    HA! Funny SEKB. I was thinking sort of along the same lines. Must be a Kansas deal. I figured if someone put one of those fake coyotes out here, they’d be shot up and shot to hell within an hour.

    Are we Yanks obsessed with guns or what? Hell, the dumbass rednecks I live with out here would probably try to skin the damn things and sell the pelts!

    Hee hee heeheeeeee.

    And do they put fake cop cutouts in fake cars with fake radar guns where you live? They put dummies in cop cars and park them along side the streets in Hays, with a fake radar gun in their hands. Slows down the traffic for sure, and they put him in different locations every day.

    I cant remember where I was driving, Dallas or Austin or somewhere, that they had a cardboard cop pointing a radar gun at the road.

    I can see why the woman thought the coyotes barked. This cop cut out looked so real I slammed on my brakes. Good thing no one was tailgating me.

    And yes, of course I was speeding. I’m from the country where speed limits are regarded as only a suggestion.

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