When You Got To Go, You Got Go.

Will we ever get to the bottom of it?

Will we ever get to the bottom of it?

Joao Correa claims he had eaten something really, really dodgy in Honduras. Thirty minutes into his Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta his bowels began to rumble.  Wouldn’t you know it, that was the same time the friggin beverage cart came rattling down the aisle. Mr Correa couldn’t passed it so he asked a flight attendant if he could use the business class lavatory urgently. Request denied. So a sweating Mr Correa stood around pinching his butt cheeks for a few more minutes before weighing up his options  a) crap in undies b) do what it takes to get his arse on that bowl. He decided on option b) and made a sprint for the business class toilet. As the flight attendant put up her arm to stop him he claims he grabbed it to stop himself falling. Attendants story… he grabbed her arm pulled it down and twisted it. Anywho Correa was arrested on landing at Atlanta and spent two days in jail.No word on whether he got to the toilet or not!


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8 responses to “When You Got To Go, You Got Go.

  1. jammer5

    He was doomed either way. Had he fired one off in the aisle, he would have been arrested for violating free air ( an oxymoron) space. Either that, or some passenger would have beat the crap (another oxymoron) out of him.

  2. frigginloon

    You know Jammers if I was on that flight I bet he would have been sitting right next to me. Note his name rhymes with diarrhea…I’m just saying!!!!

  3. jammer5

    Mornin’ dude!
    Be careful, frigginloon, be very careful: I’m having me a donut and a cuppa right now. And I ain’t read the morning paper yet.

  4. Ann

    I know just how this guy felt but I couldn’t hold on. This may be a “Too Much Information ” thing but I’m gonna tell you anyway. One day when out shopping for one of those things that stop your door slamming shut I felt those awful rumblings in my bowel. I asked if there was a toilet in the store that I could use and was told there wasn’t and to go to the main shopping centre. I knew I’d never make it so I put the item back and headed for my car. I couldn’t take the chance of it being just wind so I grabbed the silver sun visor and laid it out on the driver’s seat and jumped in.. Well the inevitable shart happened and I was mortified.. All I could think of was getting home without it running down my legs. What if a cop pulled me over? The smell was killing me! Not even Chuck could have stopped this one. I did make it home without a police escort but I’ll never forget it . So to the Airline Stewardess who wouldn’t let the guy use the loo. ‘Shame on you.’ He should have sharted too and you may have had to clean up the mess. Remember when you gotta go you gotta go.

    • frigginloon

      Oh Ann, we can always count on you for a story no matter how …unlucky. I think it would be one of the only things Chuck would admit defeat!

  5. jammer5

    Chuck would have stopped the whole thing with a minor glance at the dude.

  6. Ann

    I’ll keep him in mind if it ever happens again lol.

  7. Poop stories always make the biggest splash.

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