I Think Its Called The Embarassing Position

OK honey, now if you just.....

OK honey, now if you just.....

I shall leave a lot of this to your imagination but a Russian couple was rushed to hospital after getting themselves stuck in a Kama Sutra pose.Seems the “Deck Chair” can be quite tricky, especially if your wife has a muscle spasm. Hmm, the middle aged couple struggled for an hour to unattach themselves from each other but in the end had to ring the paramedics. Dear god, how did they get them into the ambulance? Very carefully I guess!  When the doctors stopped giggling long enough to lend a hand, they managed to help the man set himself free, whilst the woman needed treatment for her spasm. Evidently the Deck Chair is listed as “moderately difficult” in the ancient Indian book of sexual positions. And NO there isn’t a YouTube video!


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6 responses to “I Think Its Called The Embarassing Position

  1. Be careful not to misspell the word DECK in any follow up comments!

  2. frigginloon

    I am thinking his “deck” is rather sore today! I am too scared to ask where the muscle spasm was!

  3. Ann

    How the hell can something like that happen? I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than call an ambulance. They would have to be Russian wouldn’t they? Russian a bit too much if you ask me. I just can’t imagine it lolol.

  4. I hope the lady didn’t get splinters from the guy’s DECK.

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