When Senior Citizens Go Wild

Elderly misbehaving at cinemaSo who have been naughty senior cits then? Odeon Cinema in Leicester was forced to hand out a three page letter to the seniors at the Classic matinee session explaining the proper behavior standards expected in their premises. Seems the pensioners have been behaving badly during Senior Screen (a special classic movie session shown during the daytime). Queue jumping, bullying, intimidating staff and saving seats for mates were just some of the things listed on the naughty note. Ooh and don’t get them started on the abuse of the complimentary tea and biscuit service!


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2 responses to “When Senior Citizens Go Wild

  1. Ann

    Old buggers aren’t they? lol They should know better. Don’t worry I’ve got a mother who would trip you up with her Zimmer frame to get a seat before you and she gets worse as she gets older. I keep telling her I’ll put her in a home if she doesn’t start behaving.

  2. frigginloon

    I hate it when they ram you in the back of your leg (usually your heel) with a shopping trolley. There is a great French film called Tatie Danielle about a nasty old lady…funniest film ever.


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