You Waited Until Now?

I guess the first to produce the hood wins!

I guess the first to produce the hood wins!

Hallelujah, as people have been anxiously waiting for DNA results from Tarrance’s toothbrush another person has come out of the woodworks claiming to know who the Zodiac Killer is. A California woman is convinced her father was the infamous serial killer. Deborah Perez believes her father Guy Ward Hendrickson was the hooded freak terrorizing the San Francisco Bay area  back in the 60’s.Perez has handed over her daddy’s eyeglasses and letters. Dear god, she is also claiming as a 7 year old she was dragged along to the killings. Hmm, didn’t see that in any witness statements! Guess who helped make the hood and wrote the letters to police? Perez said her father kept “telling me he was sick and he killed many, many people.” Henderickson died from cancer in 1983 …hmm, it took 26 years to come forward? Maybe it has something to do with the documentary she is making!


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5 responses to “You Waited Until Now?

  1. Ann

    Sometimes people can’t face anything THIS horrible. Now on a scale from 1-10 I’d say this was a definite 10. Now child molesting on a scale from 1 -10 I’d also say again a 10. Now one is definitely more horrendous than the other even though being molested leaves scars that never heal. At least you survive this ordeal. I was molested by the grandfather of my school mate. In Scotland not many people had cars when I was small but this old grandfather had an old Morris Minor and when it rained he’d give my sister and I a lift home. My parents knew him so thought it was safe as houses. Little did they know this old pervert was touching us where old men ain’t supposed to touch little girls. Pressing himself up against us in the pretense he was picking us up. Fondling us like we were fully grown woman His grandson is on Friends Reunited and I’d love to tell him what his grandfather was but I can’t bring myself to do it. He never went any further than that but that was way to far regardless. I never even told my parents because at that age I felt embarrassment. We think that children can’t fully comprehend but they can. They are just little people who are yet to learn from life’s experiences. I don’t feel damaged from what he did but I knew that it was wrong. I don’t know what I’d do if I ever met his grandson. What would you do? Hmm upset another family or let it go? It’s a dilema and when kids of 7 face these things they wouldn’t know how to deal with it then. . Maybe now is as good a time as ever.

  2. frigginloon

    Yes, child abuse has such awful long term affects…But imagine being taken along to killings…that would mess you up big time. She is now claiming she helped to make the Zodiac hood and wrote some of the letters to police. That’s a life time of therapy right there!

  3. Ann

    I guess we are lucky she hasn’t turned into the same type of human being her father was. He may have treated it all as a game and at 7 your father has your complete trust. Poor kid, he’s certainly stuffed up her life.

  4. I solved a clue!

    Jack Tarrance wrote his name on the Sierra Club postcard.

    I made a video and posted it here:

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