My Three Sons

They are all useless!

They are all useless!

Poor Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, has quite an important decision to make regarding his country’s future, bless. As he is not getting any older younger there is great media speculation in North Korea that he is finally making a decision as to which son will be his successor. OK, here is the line up people , eldest son Kim Jong Nam (38), middle son Kim Jong Chul(29) or baby of the bunch Kim Jong Un (26).Decisions, decisions what is a dictator to do? Here is a little low down on the boys:

Dear Eldest: Disneyland loving dude, prone to using a fake passport and getting arrested in Japan, usually seen in downtown Tokyo with prostitutes unbeknown to his wife and mistress.He is presently living in Macau, too scared to go home and face daddy.
Dear Middle: Hmm, Jong Chul/Chol who is said to be “suffering from an excess of female hormones” . Is that North Korean for gay? (not that there is anything wrong with that!). Jong Chol  is Swiss educated but considered far too “girlish” to become leader.Rumor has it he is chronically ill anyways.
Dear Youngest : Well, Kim Jong Un is the  apple dumpling noodle of his daddy’s eye  and was marked as the fav to get the nod, basically because he is exactly like his father. Oh, so he is a lying, good for nothing dictator! Did I say that ? My bad!
Whoa, but before you come to any conclusions the North Korean news outlets are now reporting Dear Son #2 may get the nod instead of  Jong Un. Hmm, I wonder if Kim Jong Il’s change of heart is a direct result of him being a huge fan of American Idol ? I’m just saying! Hmm, black president…gay dictator? Who knew?

AND THE WINNER IS ? Well, after much speculation it’s official Dear Youngest has been announced the successor. So much for Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!


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7 responses to “My Three Sons

  1. Does he have time…

  2. Does he time to make another one?

  3. frigginloon

    Fnord, its Kim Jong Il for goodness sakes he can do anything! I am sure there are a few unaccounted for Il’s out there.

  4. Look! My correction happened before my post that needed to be corrected. Ah, the wonders of technology. So, as I go through the day do I need to know in advance what will need corrected?

    • jammer5

      Corrections should only be corrected if the original correction was mistaken for the latter correction, which in most cases, was unneeded in the first place, unless, of course, the first correction of the original correction was correct. Every first year law student knows that.

  5. jammer5

    The answer to who should rule N Korea, or, honey, I ate the kids, can be found here:

  6. frigginloon

    Thanks Jammers

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