Obese Quadriplegic Drug Lord Gets 10 Years

Quadriplegic gets 10 years jail for drug manufacturingDilemma alert. OK people, put your thinking caps on. What do you do with a morbidly obese quadriplegic who has been sentenced to 10 years jail for assisting in the manufacturing one tonne of ecstasy ? Paul Baker whose disability is similar to that of the late Christopher Reeves…can’t eat, drink or go to the toilet by himself… will cost the taxpayers about $200,000 a year just to care for him. This isn’t taking into account the cost of modifying a cell(eg, hoist, user friendly furniture and air conditioning) and jail facilities .Urgh, they have already forked out $4,000 to modify the truck so he could be transferred back and forth to court.  For goodness sakes Paul, could you have chosen a better career? Mr Baker wont be eligible for parole until another 3 and a half years. Hmm,  why don’t they just make him work at a pharmaceutical lab for 3 and half year ?


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11 responses to “Obese Quadriplegic Drug Lord Gets 10 Years

  1. jammer5

    How in the world does man, who can’t use his arms and legs, who has to be fed and watered by someone else, manufacture drugs?

    • frigginloon

      I did some more investigating and guess what ?He is a friggin quadriplegic drug lord! I am guessing he was the mastermind behind the drugs not the actual maker. Still, pretty impressive. So how would he pick up the phone?

  2. Ann

    Just because you are handicapped doesn’t mean your brain is. Does MASTERMIND spring to mind?
    They should keep him gainfully employed inside. This little black duck could pay dividends.

  3. deauzie

    thanks for the supportive comments but I was neither a drug lord or mastermind just a fool who emailed, called and searched online for anything his so called friends requested due to the fact at the time i was isolated and depressed after losing my ability to do anything for myself losing my finance to my friend whilst I was still in rehab after breaking my neck and having my business partner steal my business out from under me by not paying the bills while I spent 11 months in hospital trying to move my arms and learn to cope with a carer having to insert their fingers into my anus every time I needed to empty my bowls.
    But with the media unable to write the truth they do the next best thing and repeat the propaganda leaked to them by the Police to bolster their morals and reasoning as to seeking a gaol term for me sure i was guilty of conspiracy to manufacturer a commercial quantity of XTC but never anything like the 1000 kg’s reported, Police admitted in their brief to the court that I was brought into the operation at a late point of the conspiracy and that no drugs where manufactured and a officer admitted to me they decided to act because we where taking to long to do anything the facts where the so-called cook had no experience manufacturing XTC and was more than likely unable to produce the drug, of the four of us two had previously been gaoled for either the manufacture or sale of drugs and all others except myself where at the time where involved to the best of my knowledge involved in the sale of drugs at the time. I stupidly assisted without the promise of any financial gain because I was isolated after I was abandoned my friends after I became a Quadriplegic..
    I will never try to claim I didn’t deserve to be punished for my naivety or stupidity. but I was called a drug lord a king pin and all sorts of rubbish with the aim to create a headline never was the truth a priority.
    The court and my mother was told by the disability officer from Corrective Services that I would receive the same level of care on the inside as I received in the community the truth couldn’t have been further from the truth. my access to doctors was very limited due to the departments inability to hire enough staff to work in the system, i was often left in a terrible state while the department told representatives from NSW Spinal Outreach that I was fine while denying them access

    • Hi Paul, thanks for taking the time to comment and set the story straight. Sounds like you have a really bad time. Living with a small disability is frustrating enough I couldn’t begin to understand what you are going through.As for incarcerating you, that is absolutely ridiculous. I wish you all the best.

  4. deauzie

    to me. after months of pleading and threats they finally gained access to find the truth was far from what they had been told i was anaemic due to the fact i had been bleeding from my bowls due to the cares rubbing the side of my lower bowl red raw to the point handfuls of blood would flow every second day my bowl care was preformed, pleading from myself and carers to be seen by a specialist where ignored and script by the GP months after my incarceration for me to be supplied with a more appropriate diet due to my disability where denied, I wrote a letter to the then Labour Premiere where I pleaded for clemency and early release due to health ground where denied, at the time I informed them of my poor health and fear that if my conditions did not improve I would loss control of my bowls and would need to use a colostomy bag. little did I know at the time some 18 months later my condition would continue spiral downwards to the point that I needed to be continually hospitalised for urinary tract infections and obstructed bowls. I was admitted to hospital and given to very unattractive options my the specialists increase the stool softening medication and be faced with having to sit in my own bowl accidents and wait for my carers to arrive in the evening as the nursing staff in area 2 at Long Bay gaol would not cleaning me up as it was beneath them to do such things or allow them to preform the once unthinkable and undergo an operation to cut my bowl in two and sow the upper half to a whole cut through a hole on my abdomen. So i did the only thing I could do and took the best of the two bad options presented to me and undergo the operation I could bare having to sit for hours in my own mess again.
    these few incidents are just the time of the iceberg of which i managed to record with the assistance of my family viiaaaa phone

  5. deauzie I believe you. I know the tratment my husband got in a psych ward. He had an acquired brain injury which damaged the frontal lobe . I saw the tratment residents get in psych care. I wrote to everyone I could about it and they said they could do NOTHING !!!!!!! I am still traumatised by it and so is my daughter. He died quickly from being sedated so much that he couldn’t move yet I managed to get him up and walking and talking one day only in six months. It was an achievment they didn’t want to know about. I warned them to stop sedating him so much as I had it on video and I thought he’d recover. No way, he had serious infrections in his penis from sitting in faecal matter for hours. It’s so soul saddening to become disabled. Keep fighting, I was his voice for a while but it made no difference. I had the Health Commissioner reject my requests for meetings. Jan passed away but I will never forget the neglect that some of the residents institutionalised endured. That’s also criminal!!

  6. Tom

    OMG, Ah Ling from Sally Lockhart is real!

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