The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt Phenomenon

Three Moon Wolf T-ShirtFriggin bloggers are to blame. You know when someone advertises a totally crap product and you laugh to yourself, wondering who the hell would buy that. Well, Brian Govern decided to pull the piss on the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt after Amazon inadvertently suggested, through it’s  “recommendation system”, that he may be interested in purchasing one. Before he knew it his piss pulling comment went viral, with over 1000 people placing hilarious reviews about the t-shirt on Amazon. Some of the funniest comments include; “It cured cancer”, “You don’t put this T-shirt on your torso, you put it on your soul,” Amazon are currently selling 100 Three Wolf Moon t-shirts an hour. Who’s howling now? Hmm, so there is hope for the snuggie blanket then?


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16 responses to “The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt Phenomenon

  1. Ann

    Lololol the snuggie blanket, I saw that on TV the other night and thought that they’d be great for my gal pals and we would look just great walking around the house like friggin overweight monks. I bags a brown one. Monika can have that pink one and oh yeah see if there’s a blue one for the old man. Don’t forget the book lights that are part of the deal too. I really need one of them to read the Da Vinci Code at night.

    • frigginloon

      I knew it, I friggin knew it. Ann, I swear….. when I was writing this I thought, I bet Ann will be in her Castle, on the banana lounge, wrapped in her snuggie blanket. I can’t tell you how much I laugh when I see that ad. LOL friggin LOL! Now I am going to think of you with your friggin free light waltzing around the house. Don’t you think you’d break your neck in one of those? I swear I would trip over in it! AHAHHAHA the Loon in a snuggie blanket…. Hey Ann I haven’t got those photo’s yet????

  2. I read comments on the ‘3-wolf moon’ t-shirts for hours — ludicrous, hilarious, several someone’s have missed their calling and should be writing satire!

    • frigginloon

      Hey Fnord, please tell me YOU don’t have a friggin Three Moon Wolf t-shirt. I can barely contain myself imagining Ann in a snuggie blanket!

  3. Not yet. But a simple t-shirt cures all ills, erases all problems, makes one everything they want / hope to be. Shouldn’t we ALL have one?

  4. jammer5

    What’s amazing is the snuggles is the most TV sold item in history. Right place/right time. Looner, ya gotta come up with something to match. Be a millionaire!

    • frigginloon

      Noooooo. Some stupid company accidentally makes their dressing gowns back to front and viola! I once thought of making car seat covers made from wet suit material so people could take their dogs to the beach without getting the seat wet. I then thought nah, lazy bastards…just take a towel and dry them!

      • frigginloon

        Oooh hang on Jammers… snuggie blankets for pets. One size fits all, comes in purple or green and if you call now you get a free pen light!

      • jammer5

        But wait: If you order in the next twenty minutes, you get a free pair of puppy panties. Just pay shipping and handling!

      • frigginloon

        Ooh and if not completely satisfied you can return the crap and get your money back. Excludes shipping and handling which costs more than the product!

  5. Ann

    No I wouldn’t buy one. I can put my dressing gown on back to front and get the same effect. I wear flannelette PJs and that’s warm enough.
    Loon as I was waiting for you to email e so that I could attached the castle photo. I don’t see a “contact us” on this site. I’ll have another look and if it’s there I’ll attach it, if not drop me an email and I’ll attach it to that. And loon how did you know I have a banana lounge? lol. The guy that built The Castle left his here. He must have sat out the back eating his noodles on it. Anywho he left it here. It’s one of those Kmart grey meshy looking things. I asked him to take it but he sai he has no room for it. Bummer now I have to get rid of it . The dog uses it as a doggie trampoline..

  6. frigginloon

    Hi Ann, I sent you an email several days ago…I bet it is in your Trash. Due to spamming I can’t put contact email 😦

  7. Ann

    Just checked backed to 19/05 to see if I deleted in error but no.

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