Honey, I am Going To Be a Little Late Home

Graham Merrington was minding his own beeswax in Greater Manchester when he decided to cross the road. Hmm, wrong move…his foot and shin suddenly disappeared down a hole. Authorities are suggesting a recent heatwave is to blame for the road surface meltdown. For 40 minutes Mr Merrington was wedged in 12 inches of tar while fighter fighters cut away the road to free him.That’s embarrassing!


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2 responses to “Honey, I am Going To Be a Little Late Home

  1. Ann

    That’s $$$$ signs he can sue the now for squillions
    for pain and suffering, trauma, financial loss for him and everyone who lost time with the hold up of traffic. Ah there’s a miraid of reasons to sue the city. Not knowing that a heat wave can melt the road,
    He probably lost a shoe and a sock so now he’ll get two new ones. It’s never ending Trousers, yes they’d be damaged also as not too many pommes wear shorts Ah he’s set for life. lol

  2. frigginloon

    Embarrassment…don’t forget embarrassment. 40 minutes of people snickering is gotta be worth something!

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