Beaver Blamed For Train Derailment

Oh crap!

Oh crap!

Dagnabbit them beavers are a damn nuisance. Authorities are shaking their heads at a busy little beaver they believed was behind a train derailment in Ottawa which caused two locomotives and 6 railcars to come off the tracks. It seems three beaver dams collapsed simultaneously sending a 3.5 metre high wall of water across the tracks damaging a section. One of the locomotives rolled into the Ottawa River resulting in over 20,000 litres of diesel fuel spilling into the capital’s main drinking water supply.Whoops!


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6 responses to “Beaver Blamed For Train Derailment

  1. Ann

    LOL LURV that picture.

  2. Now I haven’t seen that one but…..
    Driving in Wichita years ago, going down Douglass towards Beechcraft (very busy yet residential).
    Three teenage girls in very small bikinis all standing in a front yard with signs; RUMMAGE SALE!
    Of course, I ended up in the middle of a 5 car pile-up when some teenage boy stopped to check it out without warning.
    So there, beaver causes car wrecks.

  3. frigginloon

    Damn those beavers have a got to answer for!

  4. Ann

    Send them over here we need a few more dams built.

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