Could I Have One Herbivore Man, No Fries

Herbivore men of JapanJapan, the Land of the Rising Son Sun has a little problem with some of its citizens. Well, one group in particular, the herbivore men. Move over baby boomers and make way for a less masculine and more passive Japan. Oh yes they are out there, men who have little or no concern for money or relationships but have a great deal of passion for fashion. Maki Fukasawa (columnist) was the first one to coin the phrase saying “In Japan, sex is translated as ‘relationship in flesh,so I named those boys ‘herbivorous boys’ since they are not interested in flesh.” Oh, blame it on the troubled economy of the 1990’s for this rise of the herbivore man, growing up in a world of uncertainty.  Hmm,but how does one spot a herbivore man? Pretty easily…they are usually men in their 20’s and 30’s, are weak and fragile, non assertive, have no goals in life, prefer friendships with women than a relationship and dress damn fine. Hmm, sounds a tad gay to me? Not that there is anything wrong with that!


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12 responses to “Could I Have One Herbivore Man, No Fries

  1. Ann

    The “New” gay. Good because I hate the word gay. Gay is happy not men on men or women on women,
    Homosexual or lesbian is fine definitely not gay. I personally never talk about gays I talk about homosexuals or lesbians. I’m not fussed that it takes twice as long to say it but I do. Gay is not what they are.
    Certain words really don’t cut it with me like period She’s got her period. What is that? Period. We all have periods of this and that. My grandmother could never say ‘Breast’ they were ‘boosoms’ lol
    Yep Penis and Scrotum are right us there with them.

    • The period should be when the event is over.
      Calling it a semi-colon doesn’t quite sound right.
      I think we should call it an apostrophe.
      apostrophe (noun)
      Etymology:Latin, from Greek apostrophē, literally, act of turning away, from apostrephein to turn away, from apo- + strephein to turn

      Not now honey, I’ve got my apostrophe.
      Maybe next week when I finally get a period.

      That sounds better.

  2. frigginloon

    Well herbivore man it is then! I always laugh at parents who think up the strangest alternative names for farts and private parts. Poor kids grow up anatomically inept!

  3. Ann

    Ah that’s better

  4. Nothing like appropriate code words.
    Reminds me of when I worked at the bomb factory.
    The design we were working on was called “Flexible Load And Pack”, therefore the military at first named it FLAP.
    I guess that didn’t sound manly enough so the order came down that forever more it would be known as the FLEX line.

  5. Ann

    Your worked in a bomb factory,. what did you need on your CV to be able to get that job?Lol..

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