You Didn’t Happen To Find a Small Bag, Did Ya?

Lost, one bag of methamphetaminesChristopher Wilson was at Ziggy’s home improvement store in Spokane when he accidentally lost his bag of methamphetamines (silly billy). It wasn’t long before a staff member found the bag lying near the checkout and rang the police. But wait, what’s this? Surely that couldn’t be Mr Wilson reentering the store? Oh yeah, Mr Wilson, on discovering his stash was missing, returned to the store and left his name and number just in case it was found. Hmm, that saved the police a hell of a lot of effort.


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4 responses to “You Didn’t Happen To Find a Small Bag, Did Ya?

  1. Ann

    Hahahah that’s funny and reminds me of when my ROCK STAR son lived at home with his loving family. In is REAL life he’s an Architectural and Structural Draftsman and in his wannabe life he’s a RockStar and as a gig every Friday night in Melbourne with what e describes as his Horror Country Band WTF. Anywho one day I found a envelope with a wee bit o smelly green fluffy kind of stuff so being a really tuned in kind of mum I knew what it was so chucked it in the ‘Coonara”
    Mere Male son out of the blue a few days later asked if I’d seen an envelope lying in is room and I said Yep that I had and it went in the fire.. Never found anymore after that and warned him that I’d better not. You see my body is my temple and I worship it. Despite the fact it’s had too many offerings I still think that it should not be desecrated. I get vertigo from time to time and I stay away from things that may make me feel woozie. It’s bad enough being like that without smoking dope. I read any prescription drug I get in front of the chemist and if it comes with a million warnings I give it back. I’m a scaredy cat.

  2. frigginloon

    I was one in Bangkok and I had a really bad cold, the cameraman, Simon, said not a prob I will get you something that will kill it in seconds. He comes back with what I assume was cold and flu tablets (it was covered in hieroglyphics). I wont take anything unless I read the warning label. I eventually found a small English translation and short of destroying all my internal organs (if this medication causes internal bleeding, kidney damage, aneurysms, a stroke or extreme pain cease use immediately) it cured colds. Needless to say I said thank you but no thank you. Anywho another member of our crew came down with a cold the next day, so of course I threw him the packet and said here take one of these. Silly naive man…We were in the middle of a shoot and I turned around and there he was in a big heap on the floor. He had slid off a chair. He talked in-cohesively for hours until the medication wore off. Let that be a word of warning! We still laugh our socks off about that!

  3. jammer5

    Isn’t there a law somewhere that these people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce? Lord knows, there’s enough of em around.

    • frigginloon

      And to think, the world is worried about aliens. I say let them come, they can’t be worse than some of the people we have to put up with!

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