I Hear Korea is Lovely in Spring Time


I want apology, 4 cases of Pepsi and a free lesson with Tiger Woods!

When two American journos put their tootsies into North Korea I don’t think they were expecting to get an inside scoop on the prison system. But for Laura Ling and Lisa Ling 12 years of hard labor is a heavy price to pay for illegally entering Kim Jong Il’s personal space. Unfortunately it  also kinda sucks that their arrests coincided with the world’s condemnation of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons test. Dear Leader is mighty pissed and I am not even sure if the “Team America” of Gore, Clinton and Richardson can save them. Especially when Hillary has threatened to throw them back on that damn terror list.The two reporters were covering a story on fleeing North Korean refugees when they were detained, now it seems they will also be covering an exclusive behind the scenes look at a North Korean labor camp. Hmm, I hate to think what constitutes “hard labor”,  just watching them friggin march looks exhausting!


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5 responses to “I Hear Korea is Lovely in Spring Time

  1. Ann

    Oh for God’s sake will someone tell him is hair doesn’t REALLY look good like that. He looks like a Jex head that someone coloured in.

  2. frigginloon

    Hahaha and he’s gotta lose that safari suit too!

  3. jammer5

    There must be something, though, to being a short megalomaniac.

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