Fox Trot!

Look at me kids, mommy is a human!

Look at me kids, mommy is a human!

Oh bless, who’s got a little shoe fetish then? Seems a fox in Germany has taken a liking to shoes. Dubbed Emelda Marcos, the vixen has been stealing footwear from the residents of Fohren for months. A forestry worker found over 120 of them near the fox’s lair. Evidently she has been using them to amuse her little cubs… which would probably explain the tiny little teeth marks in them!


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4 responses to “Fox Trot!

  1. Ann

    A, shades of Dave and TUNYAAS dogs. They did this for years. Poor Tunyaa being Bella Russian and about a size 12 in a women’s shoe and living amongst little Asian women couldn’t even wear the shoes. ‘Damn those women with little feet’

  2. frigginloon

    Ahh, Ann my favorite next door neighbors…that is so funny…I miss hearing about their adventurers LOL!

  3. sandysays1

    I once had a friend (a bassett hound) who only chewed left shoes and womens underwear. His master said he was sexually frustrated. Visit me at

  4. Ann

    I saw TUNYAAA the other day but Dave has gone back to Perth to work and I suspect he’s keeping his eye open for a younger Tunyaa of child bearing age. He’s said in the past if they don’t have kids soon he’d consider his options and I think he’s been trying in Perth for the last 3 years but NO TAKERS. God, any wonder ? He comes home to Tinyaaa only twice a year now. I think all the IVF money is now spent and it’s time to think seriously if that’s at all possible for Dave.

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