Mini Silkwood in the Burbs

Kids cause radioactive leak alertWhen two little 6 year olds from Oelde, Germany, got a little bored they decided they would build something. Hmm, after some deliberation they decided on the theme “nuclear power plant”. They used an old computer casing and whacked a “radioactivity warning” sign on its side. After going home for a short break the kids returned to their little nuclear reactor only to find police and fire fighters cordoning off the streets. Seems the boys did a convincing job.


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4 responses to “Mini Silkwood in the Burbs

  1. I saw that, how cute!
    Little KIM JONG’S in the making!

  2. oelde

    You say it happened in “Oelde”. As far as I know, it was “Warendorf”?

    • Hi Oelde, I have re checked and there seems to be only one news article mentioning 2 six year olds in Warendorf. It gives a whole different account (they put signs on their house) so I am not sure if it is the same story or if a lot of six year olds dream of becoming nuclear power plant workers when they grow up. Most of the news articles mention Oelde.

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